I didn't need another MR Malecite

But damn, I loved the first one so much I put an alert in Craigslist. Someone was selling a “bicentennial” model a few hours away. Wife and I made a road trip to have a look and surprise, it’s a whole lot lighter than our fiberglass model. HIN says Dec. '75 and it’s kevlar.

Mad River Canoe


Love it.


Sure you do.

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Very cool Malecite. I’ve never seen one like that.

A boat I probably should not have sold.

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Been there done that with malecite. Now have two. 1986 burgundy fiberglass and a turquoise kevlar which I always wanted/needed, as I have an uphill portage home. Saw it on ebay, crazy price, gave a crazy low offer and darn, it was accepted. NJ to RI, couldn’t find anyone to ride shotgun. Great boat if you have to paddle with a partner. My solo boats look at it and wonder, what was he thinking?

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