I don't know which paddle I need

Im new to kayaking and only been out a few times with a inflatable kayak,i’ve just bought a new dagger approach 10.0.I need to know which paddle,whitewater or touring would be best as its a hibrid kayak,I do from lakes, flat water to fast river and sometimes it involves whitewater.I’ve been looking at werner paddles but don’t know what to choose,so I need a paddle that covers all aspects of my kayaking,any suggestions?

I’d rather use my whitewater paddle with my touring boat than the other way around. Whitewater paddles tend to be shorter, heavier, and more rugged than touring paddles.

I would choose a ww paddle, perhaps
a smidge on the long side because of the dimensions and character of your Approach. Doesn’t Werner have a paddle choice algorithm on their website?

I would not go for a touring paddle, because it won’t work well if you do use the boat in whitewater, and won’t be as durable.