I finally fished!

I had been meaning to test my canoe with a trolling motor in flat-water for some while. There’s a small reservoir not far from my house. I took the boat over there and was pleasantly surprised. The landing has been dramatically improved since I’ve been there. The shoreline has been cleaned up of debris and overflowing dumpsters. It’s now a beautiful little spot for nature watching, fishing, and paddling. It used to be not so pleasant. And it’s just chock full of fish. In a couple hours we had a bunch of feisty 10" to 12" bass.

Anyway, it was nice to get out and get that pleasant surprise. I’ll be going back - no question. I can’t believe there’s been this great little backyard fishery there for so long that I’ve not been using.

Oh, and the canoe handled like a dream in flatwater with a trolling motor. I’ll be taking my family there. My eldest is interested in fly fishing. I can’t think of a better place to take her to toss out a deer hair bug or a popper on a summer evening.

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congrats! I am happy for you brother :wink: hopefully it will be a sign for the rest of the season to come…

Sounds good

The lake has some big bass
Years ago, I used to catch quite a few catfish by some old submerged bridge pilings, and my largest bass to date (23" largemouth) came from this lake. It’s got a lot of shallow water, some very good deep water, lots of fresh clear water feeding it, and now that it’s been cleaned up (I wonder what Eagle Scout I have to thank for that), it’s a beautiful and peaceful location.

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Awww crap.
Now I am just aching to get back to that lake at sunset with a fly rod and some deer hair bugs and poppers.

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just do it D …

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....... just do it , do it , do it !!

Don't let the psyhc. get away from you ... get back over there asap , force yourself if necessary .

I should listen to my own advice ... this year I've been a lazy fisherman .

ed: ... fixed my prior poor spelling of "nessasary" above

Hoping for tonight.
But not expecting.

Tomorrow is a big day in our house and I’m sure that I’ll be expected to be prepping for it.

Maybe Saturday early morning if I load the car tomorrow night.

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