I got a Kayak Cart

Finally! I got a kayak cart so I can carry my Pamlico 140 on my own down to the lake or if I’m going to a Clinic. Its a Seatle Sport Deluxe kayak cart. It cost 100 bucks. Is this a good cart? I have not tried it out yet. Does anyone else own one??

Which one?

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From what I can find out, they have 2 types. One has an alum tube frame w/ pneumatic tires and the other has a flat bar X V combo type.

I was looking at the X-V combo because I need to portage some heavy kayaks on a week long river trip. Unfortunately I feel the pneumatic tires will take up too much room.

But either cart will do what you need.

this one

looks good
good thing you didn’t get the plastic one, this one is probably worth the extra $ IMO (broke the plastic one after 1 month).

Still, be gentle with it.

It looks like a strong cart but…
a heavy kayak could easily twist the frame. I would think that the tighter the cart is strapped to the kayak, the less the cart will give or bend.

Post back after you try it out. How hard is it to strap down and does the kayak want to slide off the cart?

I have the same cart and it works fine-
I just don’t use it much.

I use the heck out of mine. I needed to

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add a strap to the leg that does not have one. If you do not use two straps(one each support) you will find that the cart tends to collapse. The single strap goes on the foward support, but if you need to go over a bump, or push it backwards into a bump, it will collapse and fold itself onto the hull bottom. I put two straps on mine and use it to go to and from my yukon xl, put the bow on the bumper and push the kayak into the truck, drive to the lake(less than a mile) and pull it right out onto the cart and walk to the launch. I also use it to walk to the lake with the dog leash in the other hand. And finally, it works good behind your bike but you have to keep your boat level as this cart has a pretty low stance and the stearn will scrape on the ground.

What about…
a canoe cart? Any suggestions on these?

Have not tried it out yet
because it is like 6 degrees out. But my kayak only weighs 56 lbs, so it should be fine.

Do you think it will fit my Pamlico 140?
How is it on your Aquanut??

You bought a good cart.
It sells for $60 around here at the big box sporting goods store. I use one with my Loon 138 and about 50 lbs of gear, it works well. Had it 3 years, no problems. But, keep the tires inflated. I’ve even carried my Mohawk glass tandem on it, no problems. One of my routes is about a half-mile over some rough ground. The straps may be too long, a nuisance, not a problem.

Paddleboy canoe cart

It fits my Loon, 29.5" beam. Your
140 is about the same.

Never used it with my Aquanaut- fits
my 25" Calabria great. Hope it works for you- it should.

Canadian Boat Walker or de generic

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We have one.
We’ve used it mainly hauling a Pungo 120 from (state park) campsites to water within a mile. It handles well over pavement and fairly smooth trails, and we’re happy with it. I’ve pulled the Pungo (containing paddles & PFD’s) while also carrying one of the kids’ Acadia Scouts, and had no problem handling both at the same time. As a previous reviewer mentioned, it can collapse on you, but if you play around with it a bit you’ll figure out how to prevent this. It folds up very quickly.

The tubes are metal?
You won’t have any problems. I built a DIY job two summers ago out of 3/4" pvc, quite a bit weaker than what you’ve got. I’ve hauled my kayaks, about the same weight as yours over rough terrain, tipped it over several times on hills (I made it too tall and it’s top heavy), and even got in the habit of dropping my 80lb MR Adv.16 on it when I still had it. You’ll be fine.

If it ever does break, look up some designs online and make your own out of PVC, reusing the wheels. I spent about $35 making mine, but the wheels were the most expensive by far, about $25 out of that total. I’d recommend using 1" though, as my 3/4" job has a lot of flex to it.

Next time, get your wheels at
Harbor Freight or Northern Tools.

Wat! Yer need a portage cart…

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ta carry 56 lbs.!

56 pounds - dats buzzard poop nuttin'. Yer know wat Arnold would call yer - A GIRLIE MAN! Build up some muskules thaar, lad. Gad zooks, waan ah' wuz yer age (14.. ha, ha) ah' wuz carryin' 36 foot Montreal trade canoos, wit full loads o' arctic caterpillar pelts singlehandedly through 25' deep snow drifts fer 500 leagues wit no shoes an' jus' a half'a rotten 'tater an' a slice o' maggot infested Spam (they waar tasty) dat had ta last me 3 months. Dag nabbit, ah' wuz a sprite young buck back in dem days!

Jumpin' Jehoozipher, P140 - lift dat puny 56 lbs. o' Pamlico 140 an' build up some character, will yer! Waan ah' wuz yer age, ah'.........

Fat Elmo

can pick one up at rei for 70…70 bucks thats right…70BUCKS in american money thtas good deal rather what other are going for…had mine for 3 years and it fold /tires off…places in behind the seat of my yak…smile…70 buck dude!!!