I got a new bilge pump today.

It was a seatle Sports Bilge pump from JAX. I tested it in the Bath tub, it works well.


Always good to have one,

and to know you can empty the bath tub in an emergency. :slight_smile:

I think you’ll find
that you can empty the bath tub a lot faster than you can empty the P140.

did you also get the free red flag???

The bathtub is actually lighter and more seaworthy than the pamlico 140.


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you didn't actually pump the water out of the tub and flooded your place....
I skipped the hand pump stage (the one after using a bailing bucket and a sponge) and went right through to electric bilge pumps...
Might be the age, though. Definitely faster but less reliable than hand pumps. But can you beat 2200 gph?