I got bitten...

My mind, over the last few days…
“Should I get into packrafting?”
“I should get into packrafting!”
“How sweet would it be to explore all the islands in Big Island Lake Wilderness!”
“It would indeed be very sweet.”
“Man those Alpacka rafts are expensive and overkill for my intended purposes.”
(Massdrop pulls my thoughts out of the æther, puts Klymit LWD up on site.)
“OH! That’s cool! Light, but very capable for floating U.P. back-country lakes…”
“Reasonable price, too.”
“Really good reviews on Trailspace…”
“Lots of MYOG options…”
“Oh yeah, what about a paddle?”
Fast forward to today, where I have an LWD and a Supai paddle on the way.

Congrats on your purchase - all the best for happy and safe adventures.

Jennifer, I got the same bug-bite about 6 months ago. Different geography, I live down Baja way on the Sea of Cortez, but same passion. Load up the kayak, paddle some miles, when it gets hot drop anchor and dive for some dinner, paddle more miles, find a nice beach and set up camp, hike/explore/beachcomb, sleep like a baby under the stars, repeat.

I got a kayak that I thought would be perfect for open water crossings & frequently challenging conditions, a Cobra Tourer. It is a sit-on-top which makes it easy to dive & spearfish off the boat. I went on my first 1 week trip about 6 weeks ago, and found I had to work REALLY hard to keep up with my buddy in the Nigel Dennis kayak. It sounds to me like you made a great decision on choice of boat. Now get out there!