I grabed my paddle and.....

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I just found out how to paddle sorta. A book I have says how. so today I grabed the paddle, took it outside and just stood and paddled. It felt cool and the paddle pushed on the wind like water. I think I'm going to enjoy paddling

Okay, I have enough data now:

bohemia: that is the funniest post ever

Just be sure you strap that book
under the front deck bungees when you DO go paddling. After about an hour, you’re gonna need to look up “Turning Your Kayak” so you can get back home.

If it rains tomorow…

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.. you could quit your piddling and paddle in a puddle.


Now that was funny! Better watch out on the troll comments,however. I got lambasted a few days ago for such things.

I’m not convinced…
he is a troll.

I still think P140 is an exuberant youngster with a new kayak and he’s excited about paddling it when the proper weather arrives.

And, if I’m correct, I would make Pamlico 140 this offer: send me your contact info via email and I’ll send you a brand new copy of “Performance Sea Kayaking - The Basics and Beyond”. This is a VHS tape still in the wrapper. It’s yours for the asking.

Until then, cease and desist the air paddling! It really is of little value :slight_smile:

PLeasant waters.


If he is
an exuberant youngster, he will not have a VCR to play the VHS. DVDs, computers, IPods, blackberrys and blueberrys and bluetooth and have hisspace.com…but no VCR.

I really must get out more often!

I don’t even know what the last few items are that you mentioned :slight_smile:

Most difficult being a dinosaur in a techno world…


I wanted to see as a sinulator

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I wanted to see what manuevaring with a paddle is like.

what the…
Wasn’t this goofball kid/troll asking people about bracing and self rescue for weeks now? huh?

Please, for the love of god and for sanity of all of us, get your mommy to buy you a book and take you to a couple lessons.

no need to be rude, dude…

I’m with Tjamly
If you don’t want to reply to P140, you don’t have to. If you do, be nice. Represent that 604 area code of yours.

hear, hear