I had a great time on the river today

I went out in my Perception America 11 on the Lackawaxen River above Prompton Dam. The wind was blowing hard and there were rollers and whitecaps everywhere. The waves were breaking over the bow every few miniutes and the little boat was being tossed about almost constantly. There’s a three mile section from one beach to another with an ismuth about half way. I paddled about 100 yards off shore and followed the coastline taking frequent rest breaks because conditions were so harsh. With the wind to my back, it took 30 miniutes to reach the other beach. Conditions on the way back were even worse but to my surprise, it still took 30 miniuts to return to the put in. I love to paddle in conditions like this. The spray in my face, the water flooding in the cockpit, being tossed about and needing to brace to keep afloat makes it a perfect day.

Sounds like you are hooked
Glad you had such a fun and exciting paddle.



Hooked indeed, can’t wait to do it again