I had an epiphany last night

When I first joined up, I had just bought a really cheap SOT.
It felt really unstable to me. Since it had been a long time since I was last in a boat, I wondered if the problem was the boat or me.
Some of you thought it was the boat, but a number of you insisted it was me. I mean really insisted.
I was skeptical, but I thought it was a possibility. But I am a cyclist after all. I can do track stands at stop lights. My physical therapists didn’t seem to think I had a balance problem. I thought it was the boat.
When I finally got out one of my canoes, it was obvious that the problem wasn’t me. I had zero problem with balance in the canoe.
But, apparently, some of you think I was being a jerk for not listening to you, even though you were wrong.
It is true I don’t have a lot of kayak experience. If you added up all the miles I’ve paddled a kayak it would probably only be a few hundred. I’ve probably canoed a few thousand. But in my next post, I’m going to list all the books I have in my library. I know a tiny bit about boat design.

And are you a Tusnami Ranger or a boat designer?

I have a ton of books on brickwork some back to 1798 if I gave them to someone to read I doubt they could lay brick even passable.

Interested to see your list I may get a few.

What’s the epiphany you had?

SOT. Respectfully, I think it is time to let all this go and enjoy paddling.


I’d like to see the books anyway.

Do any of the books address the relationship of paddler,boat and paddle? The machine has three parts not one. Four actually if you count the enviromnent.

Have you read this?


Really, really time to get the boat off the mattress…

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Interesting, though I don’t pretend to understand it all. Let me get some more coffee down the hatch and I’ll revisit it.

OP, this is from the same site that you may find informative:

I need to find a way to make this a saying among my boater friends.

I’m so new to this and this cliffhanger has me sitting on the edge of my seat. What is the epiphany? You can’t label a thread that and leave us hanging.

Now this mattress thing I read that the other day and it has me thinking. Did I ruin my flat bottom canoe trying my seat in the grass in the yard? What kind of mattress do I use. The purple foam one that eggs wont break on would be good I bet. Is it hard on the mattress putting it outside on the dirt?

There is just too much to learn in this sport. Science of paddling and a qualitative model of free surface effects. All I wanted to do is take pictures of lily pads and birds.
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Why waste time on someone who thinks he knows everything?

The epiphany should be this: Can’t see anything when your eyes are tightly shut.