I had my Wenonah Voyager seat

lowered 2" and it makes a lot of difference in stability and comfort .The caveat is that I am very tall and my height is in my torso so my CG is very high. The boat doesn’t feel like a skittish horse anymore.

A real eye opener, huh?
My MR Explorer RX (1980) came with the seats mounted flush to the lower edge of the gunwales. Cool for kneeling, worthless for sitting. I lowered them approximately 2", and it made a world of difference. I too recommend experimenting with seat heigths in searching for stability.


Did the same
To my J200. I’m 6’4" and 200lbs plus. Made a huge difference. Now I can paddle in some chop, wind and moving water without forgetting to breath in and out or say Oh $#^& all the time.

Amen to that Bill! I did a lot of
breath holding and praying. Knowing there was no way I was getting back in in the middle of the lake.

I raised and put more forward slant into
my WIldFire in Royalex. Made a hugh differance in foot room, more comfort, and kneeling control.

Happy Paddl’n!