I have a badge!

I have my Aficionado badge! Be still my heart! It could also be called the " bored by winter" badge. It looks like I’m in good company.

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So do I but I don’t have a life…:sunglasses:


BTW our friends are holding a race on wednesday. It’s a small one for the locals but the old folks love it. I am not racing this year but helping with the race committee.

I’ve been wondering how they were doing. Given our lousy weather, their southern sojourn is a good idea.

They are doing so good they are the envy of everybody around them. I’ll see if the let me post a pic at tomorrow’s race…

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That was funny…

For some reason it got posted but not under my user name so I freaked out a little. I’ll try again.



I wondered what that deleted post was about. Sounds like you were caught up in the user name change clapotis as well. Funny video.

JackL and Nanci running the 3rd annual KLK Kayak race in Key Largo today. A small race that grows every year. The folks had a great time…:sunglasses:


Had wondered about them. Good to see they’re still racing.

And I just found out that I’m a " regular" .

that’s almost as good as being regular…

Just a regular guy,
a badge they did give,
sitting tall in the saddle,
learns to duck so he’ll live,

so lower the seat,
kiss the bilge ducking lead,
a string just might get plucked,
with violins in play up ahead.

Seeee? It’s not just those pesky banjos you should paddle faster for.

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