I have a Prijon with a dented hull, the

kind of dent you get from straping your boat on top of the car without roof racks. If I prop it up on both ends and step on the dent, if comes out, but only as long as I’m stepping on it. Any help for me?

They use a different plastic, HTP
blow molded. I don’t know how it will respond to gentle heat and a persistent push toward the right shape, but I don’t know another approach. I once corrected a dent by wedging some foam inside the boat and just letting hot sun bear on the outside. Wrong season for hot sun. I guess you could get a heatlamp.

You could contact the US distributor at wildnet.com.

I’d recommend
cutting a piece or two of 2x4 that will hold the dent slightly further out than you want. Take the boards out, lay a couple old towels over the bent (oil canned) sections and pour boiling water on the towels until the plastic is good and hot. Then place the boards in and let set for a day or so.

They may come back that’s one of the downsides of plastic. Make sure you don’t get the tie down straps too tight,

Good Luck


I get that problem all the time, because I have had boats fly off before. So I tie down my boats very tight. All you need to do is set it on flat groung and fill it all the way up with water from the hose. It will push out all dents in around 8-10 hours. Works every time.

I’ll take the damaged goods off your hands so you don’t have to worry about disposing of them…

Gee, thanks ST. You sound like retired

Great advice, thanks

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My Calabria has some of that
it doesn’t seem to affect the paddling of it one bit. Don’t worry about it.

Yep, read your profile. My brother did
the same thing in the Air Force and made out very well. Best wishes to you.

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Hot water

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I had a Dagger that was badly dented when I bought it. I got a large pot, heated up some water just to the point where I could barely stand to put my hand in it and dumped it into the boat. Big dents might take two or more pots. Make sure that you have the boat angled so the water settles over the dent. Push down on the dents until they appear gone. It also helps if the boat is on sand or soft ground. I covered the cockpit so the water doesn't cool off so fast. You may have to repeat the process if the dent(s) are deep. Works like a charm.