I have a question ...........

… and this is just in fun (that up front),

why does it say , “Fishing from Kayaks and Canoes” ??

Why doesn’t it say , “Fishing from Canoes and Kayaks” ??

you all get the drift I think … now be nice , this is only humorous instigation from a deprived fisherman , lol …

OK , I’ll take a stab at it then …
… I think kayaks take first billing because they are more popular . I also think in todays market , kayaks probably out sell canoes by a large margin , but don’t know this for certain .

As for fishing from kayaks , I would also guess that there are as many fishing from them as canoes , maybe more .

But when it comes to fishing overall , I don’t think canoes or kayaks (even combined) will ever even come close to Jon boat fisherman .

I would guess though that Jon boat fisherman out number the Bass boat clan , even though there are a lot of high power bass boats out there .

None of this takes into consideration the other types of high power boats and those fishing from them , which I would guess out numbers all the others combined …

Then there are those Jon boats on steroids , with 150 hp. jets , 101 bow mount electrics trolling motors . I won’t consider these in the Jon boat club , they are really an aluminum Bass boat to me …

stop thinking so much
and go fishing…(second thought, pick me up and we’ll BOTH go fishing)…only kidding…I got way too much to do…;-

It just sounds better.

Babs , if you want to catch those …
… PA. smallies when they are stacked up like cord wood , the 18" - 21" ones , as many as you can hook , I’ll put you on them next spring when they are hot like fire !!!

You have to remind me though , sometime early in Apr. 09 … you bring your fishin buddy to where we will be , and I’ll show you how and where at that time … maybe you already know how to catch 40-50 a day of these by yourself ?? But if not , I always keep my word …

lol …

are you really a pilot and or informed on Vans Aircraft?

Kale , I know some about Vans …
… but only from reading , why ??

Never flown one …

Vans has been around for over 30 yrs. I think , and have a good following . It’s a real airplane when you finish it .

You have to make your own airworthyness inspections after completion , so you get a certificate from your local FSDO to do that . I would want a Lycoming up front myself .

Yes , I hold an airmans certificate , SEL .

A Good Friend
is finishing his RV-7 (Van); very smart and has been flying for 30 yrs. Gotta feeling I’ll be asked to be in the right seat soon…this thing will do 200 mph but “ED” doesn’t paddle. He thinks it’s dangerous and I’ve never been in anything smaller than a 727.

(This is a fly fishing related post)

You have me a little curious now …
… is “ED” using the 180 or 200 hp. Lycoming , and fixed or constant speed prop ??

carb. or F.I. ??

Since you say an RV 7 , then that makes it a conventional gear (tail wheel) .

I think all the Vans are fixed gear (non retractable) , lot of drag for a 200 hp. , more of an areobatic setup with the faster engine than a cruiser .

So , are you going to accept the ride if asked ??

The only thing I wouldn’t like about a bubble top canopy is the Sun baking you from above , and I like doors on the side too .

His airplane will have good range at 75% .

It’s fast and sliprery , something like a 201 but smaller …


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so let me get this straight, you have never been in a small aircraft before and you are sure this ED guy is going to ask you to be his right hand...no....right seat person....DO YOU LIKE FLYING ?????..I have been up in them as a kid....my uncle used to fly a cesena(spelling might be a bit off)....ok...lmao...be prepared to have some fun....

P-wings.(it beats pile of wings doesn't it.....I still thought pile of wings was cute...do you think the guy thought that up all by himself....lol...)....so what has got your curiosity up?..a difference of 20 hp?...from what I have read, the rv-7 has more head room and leg room...(much easier to use the barf bag when doing loop de loops..) but lets not scare the guy..oh and it has the capability for faster speed and more fuel space...

have you ever flown with him before??????

lol....I remember my brother upchucking his orange crush....lol....

I thought Pile O Wings was …

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........... pretty funny too . I have a warped sense of humor though , Babs .

Usually the jump to a 200 hp. engine goes hand in hand with retractable gear and constant speed prop , which is termed a "complex" , and requires a type rating on your certificate .

The PIC has a bit more to stay on top of , manifold pressure , higher airspeeds (V speeds) , a few more IFR instruments , and remember to lower the gear , lol ...

Don't like stunts , gets me sick in the stomach and makes my head swim .

Only reason I opted for spin training (not mandatory) was because you need to know how to recover or else .
Unusual attitude recovery and eminent stall recovery are mandatory . Full blown stalls are optional also , but the wing must fully stall before the aircraft will spin , so ..

A full power on stall (simulated departure stall) can be a viscious snap into a spin which will tighten (fully develope) after 2 revolutions . Many a pilot has bought the farm because they did not have training in spin recovery , which is sad because it isn't very difficult to recover from as long as you know what is happening , make positive corrective controls inputs , and have enough altitude .. It used to be mandatory , but too many non-positive outcomes in training (fatal) , so it was discontinued as a requirement for intial training .

I've been told some aircraft won't recover from a spin , but I don't know which ones they are .

My FAA flight test man who me signed off was named "ED" ..

I like Kale's analogy "This is a Fly Fishing related post" ...... that's great Kale !!!

I see
thank you for explaining that. So according to Kale, Ed has been flying for over 30 years and I only hope for Kale and possibly other folks, that he will have the ability to concentrate on all that,unless Kale distracts him with his tales of fishing and kayaking…lol

Maybe Kales Ed and your Ed are one in the same.

I do love the sense of humors on this board.

Will Probably Fly
with him after a couple Evan Williams. Not sure of the engine specs. He’s a very meticulous home builder and has owned small craft in the past. I think he has to log 30-40 hrs solo before he can take on a passenger…maybe to get the “kinks” out?