I have always preferred brunettes

But then a blonde caught my eye.

She and I shared a bench by String Lake.


Does she like the water?

At the last hunt test there were some standards that didn’t mind the water it was the weeds in the water. :roll_eyes:

Why do blonds have more fun?

They are easier to find in the dark…(rim shot)… :sunglasses:

She is a water fanatic and weeds don’t seem to bother her at all. Esp when that ball is involved.


I like black and whites.

It ain’t the color of the fur; it’s the warmth of the doggy heart.


It’s Just Wild In Its Saffron
(But Never a Mellow Yellow)

Employees at Mikey’s Carwash are dashing off in rush.
The through lane has shut down. There chasin’ after runoff brush!
It bolted out the out-door brushing brand new Escalade.
From its Cadillac attack it went to mopping neighbor’s yad!

And now it’s presently abiding in Bill Tucker’s goldfish pond.
Gets its thrillin’ with fish killin’ play’n Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde.
This machine now tackles green like some mad dog in a rage,
although semantics in chromatics makes one state it’s orange osage.

Fun dog. Hell to pay at bath time, though. “DON’T SHAKE! DON’T! DON’T!”

(OK, maybe it is an oversized doggy tennis ball. All those “chew-outs” does give it that dimpled Osage Orange look, though.)

Tractor Supply sells the Retriever Ball. I wanted a ball that couldn’t be accidentally swallowed . Our niece’s Blue Healer suffocated on a tennis ball he caught in a mid air leap.