I have an intermittent bombproof roll.

Is that like a drysuit
that only leaks when you’re immersed in the water?

you’re killin me doc…heheh
I’d say if its intemittent in “all” your boats, then in “one” of your boats you are pretty proficient! Where the heck u storin all those things anyway.

intermittent bombproof roll?
Is that like central intelligence?

Good when the bombs are intermittent!
All that leaves is working on not being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thats funny Dude!
Sometimes it works all the time!

I’ll bet the first half of your roll is always perfect!

Keep up the good work.

is there any other kind?

Consistently bombing a roll.

So is mine
Guaranteed to work unless I need it. Bombproof? Heck yeah! (If only it was waterproof).

You mean you have the usual…
Granted there are people who haven’t even capsized in a few years including doing serious surf and rocky ledges, let alone failed to roll if they did - we paddled with one of them a couple of days ago up here in Maine. No kidding, he’s that solid. But I don’t think even this guy would ever say that there wasn’t something out there that could get him out of his boat if things started to go wrong.

That’s nothing.
I guess you had to practice to achieve your so-called bomb proof roll.

I, on the other hand, mastered the famous half-roll 100% guaranteed even in my very first hour that I spent in a kayak.

that’s nothing
I have a perfect offside roll to my offside roll.

For More Bomb Protection…
try this…

When they told you ‘hip snap’ you gotta do ‘thigh twist’ or ‘knee lift’.

When they tell you to practice some hip snaps at the side of the pool, go do some snappy knee lifts.

When you start twisting the boat up with your thighs instead of ‘hip snapping’ you’ll be much gooder bomb-wise.

Paddle Float

– Last Updated: Jul-26-07 1:14 AM EST –

What I want is a paddle float with a hand strap that you can just grab and haul yourself up. I'm almost there with the homemade one I have, but a standard paddlefloat doesn't have enough flotation; unless you do an angel roll.

My roll is sparkler proof
Working my way up to firecracker, then M-80, then C-4, then bomproof. Baby steps.

50 percent of the time
it works all the time


And Another Thing…
extended Greenland paddle.

It’s like a bunker with concrete walls 15 feet thick.

that’s my roll youre talking about–intermittantly bombproof

If My offside roll
is better than my on side roll 50% of the time does that make my onside roll only 25% bombproof? Or half as reliable half of the time. Making my offside 150% bombproof 50% of the time??

Good Journey’s :slight_smile: