I have earned the Respected designation

I have joined Willowleaf in this lofty achievement.
Obviously , I spend way too much time here. Don’t tell anyone but I am a mediocre paddler at best.


Congrats. What are you going to do with your newfound fame and prestige? Hopefully use it for good :grinning:

We liked you even before you were respected…

I see you have fooled another group of fine folks. :wink:
I do call you friend, so I guess you have my respect too. Though Carol often questions my judgement.

As a great philosopher sang, " I’ve got friends in low places". The surface of water is generally the lowest place around. And has some of the nicest people.

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Congratulations on your achievement. I realize it is a reward after conquering many challenges and travails, as well as surviving severe tribulations. I genuflect in your general direction…south, right?

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Yes, south. At the the moment, it doesn’t feel like it . The dog was just walking on the surface of the water garden.

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I watched 18" of snow melt the past 2 days, between temp., wind and rain. Today rivers are flooded and it’s 24 degrees…Fahrenheit…a few years back I’d be on the river or creek, but today think I’ll go for a run after warming up on the weider gym. Yesterday was thirds on brownies, seconds on ice cream, and seconds on chocolate. My son is near Chatanooga, sister in Cape Coral. Yesterday we were warmer than both, way warmer than TN…tried out my new flashlight last night, saw a rabbit in the yard, while snowing.

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Congrats! Time to update your resume.

So it’s Sir String now, right?

If I’m lucky , my wife will cook tonight but she may still be on Holiday schedule.