I have not found yet

a forum on line that will replicate the thrill of paddling. When I do, I’m gonna be in hog heaven.

Sorry, your hog heaven will never exist.

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You may as well just enjoy the various forums, email lists, and newsgroups for what they are, and *never* spend any more time on them than you do on the water, as that would truly be a life out of balance. :-)


Same as porn vs. “real thing” (nm)

I saw a Dr. Phil episode
about guys who become so addicted to porn that they aren’t able to enjoy the real thing - it’s too tame by comparison. Hmmmmmmmmm…could some of us get so addicted to p.net that we can’t enjoy real paddling? Could this explain some of the surliness that goes on here?

Equipment obsession
I don’t know, but I think that some people who have been happy paddling their rec kayak or SOT (for example) and seen some of the snide comments here might wonder “What is wrong with just wanting to go fishing in the summer in my local pond?”

It depends on how impressionable they are in the first place. Did they take up paddling for the love of it or because they have this image of the “cool” paddler that they may or may not match? And who cares, really? It’s nobody else’s business what your fantasy is.

For some reason
I haven’t felt the urge to upgrade from my plastic SOTs. One day when I have a few grand burning a hole in my pocket, I’d like to buy a surfski, but for now I’m pretty content to paddle my little plastic boats around both sides of the Texas coast barrier islands.

If comments here , other than technical,
can sawy you enough to change something you like, you need Dr. Phil.

Turning Japanese is the expression
for this syndrome and a song from “the vapors”

NOw you know the meaning of what was on the radio and in the dance clubs.

the syndrome is old as the hills.

Hog heaven?
One must ask oneself…what exactly is “hog heaven?” Seems to me that would be a big pit full of mud and slop…with no bacon. I love bacon.

Oh, do you have a question about paddling, or are you lost?

that’s not what she said
She didn’t say it swayed them from paddling. May have swayed them from this site though.

I don’t blame them and I don’t think it reflects well on paddlers to be snobbish and judgemental.

that said

• NDK Explorer

• Werner carbon paddle

• Kokatat MisFit PFD

• Kokatat GMoFR drysuit

• Chota Mukaluks

• Northwater tow system, and

• Northwater paddle float

are still pretty cool!

that depends
on which model Northwater paddle float you have

what no tilley?

ahem buddy
this is the advice board.

(just felt like wearing the badge once)

I don’t have any of those things

if wishes were fishes …