I have seen the light

It is Stand Up Paddling.

Took a standard Laird Hamilton board out on the Gulf of Mexico for a couple hours yesterday. Blew my mind. Thought my wife had drugged my water bottle.

The view is absolutely amazing. For the first time I actually felt like I was part of the ocean, not just observing it.

It was nice knowing you folks.


next thing you know

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you'll be POLING those slow rivers your bio. says you enjoy. Seeing over the banks is a great feeling, as is looking down into the water. so much more to see,less glare, greater clarity :-)

just a suggestion, g2d ;-)

Congrads man, it looks
like fun, Me, i don’t have the balance.


I have a slogan for you:

Wide Heaven Above Sealevel - Stand Up Paddling

Pronounced, “Whassup!!!”

I have some ideas for a commercial if you want to run a promo campaign…

having not tried it, won’t knock it
I’ve been seeing them around and it does look cool to see the peep coming like they are standing on water. The board or whatever it is comes into view last.

Like Matt, I love stand-up boating, so I can understand the appeal. But the craft seem kind of limiting. One question I have is how well they turn. I’m thinking you can’t much steer with a lean of the boat, and that it will be hard to put the hull on edge if you want to pivot the board. How’s that work out? Carry gear? Paddle in the winter? Sit down and take a break?

It just looks limiting, but I probably lack imagination and there are probably approaches to address all those concerns. I do like the idea of having stand-up paddles readily available in the market.

Enjoy your sup. If you see me on the water, lets trade craft and see if I join the converts!


Never tried it and my take from the pics I’ve seen is much like Chip’s.

!! BUT !!

What I know of Chad is that he likes to paddle, hard and fast. Makes me wonder about the future of performance stand up boards?

Guess I’ll stay tuned.


How about the speed? It doesn’t look
like you would have the leverage to crank it up.

i have played about on one and find it
quite interesting…

i am thinking about getting the new upcoming DragoRossi one when it appears in the spring…be nice to add tot eh stable…good for lots of people to get on and get into the water…

surfing though-nah…still want a boat for that… :wink: