I just bought a Prowler 13 this weekend.

I just bought my first SOT this weekend and thanks to you guys and my research I chose the Prowler 13 angler. I will be using it for fishing alot, rec paddling, some overnight trips, etc. It is still pretty chilly here in Alabama so i have not put it in the water yet. I got a really good deal on it because it is a 2005 model but it has never been put in the water. I am stoked about taking it out for the 1st time. Anybody have any suggestions on the best ways to outfit it with tackle boxes, etc. I have never fished from a kayak but I think it will be great. Also I would like to know if anybody has any experience with the scrambler angler xl? I am looking at this model for my wife. Any input would be great.


Before you buy an angler edition, check
out the rod holders. If they are the flush recessed kind and you are going to be fishining salt, you may not want the angler edition. Your reels stay wet with the salt water if there is any wave action. Yo u may also want to look at the scupperpro. Women anglers on the Gulf Coast of Texas seem to love them.

You picked a great boat
Here’s a couple of suggestions for outfitting.

First, the outfitting needs to satisfy YOU and only you. Listen to other people’s recommendations, but make decisions for yourself. You’re the guy you need to satisfy.

Second, paddle your boat a few times without your tackle along. Know how your boat feels and how it operates. Pay close attention to where your body is - your knees, your elbows (especially your elbows!), your forearms, shoulders, etc. You need to do this so that you don’t wind up installing some piece of outfitting that your forearm scrapes across on every stroke, or that you have to hold your leg at an awkward angle to accomodate.

Third, if you’re used to bank fishing or fishing from a jon boat or some such, pare down your tackle to what seems like the bare necessities. If you’re used to wading, don’t worry about this step. You’ll be able to carry much more with you than when you wade.

Fourth, check out the Newbie and outfitting forums on kayakfishingstuff.com. There’s a huge wealth of information there about how to outfit SOTs. There are some strongly opinionated people on those forums. Refer to suggestion one as to how to deal with them. Kayakfishingstuff also has everything you need to outfit your boat available from their store. JonS and his associates are good, honest businessmen and will take good care of you if you tell them honestly what you want to do.

Sorry that I have no specifics on where to put your rod holder or what brand to use, or any of that sort of thing.

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Thanks alot for the input.
You have been more than helpful and I know I will have a blast outfitting my Prowler.

Outfitting your angler
I have an Angler 13 also and love it. It’s too cold here in Indiana to use it right now, but I used it last summer and it’s a no-brainer to paddle, but my fishing skills leave something to be desired.

The most important feature I added was an anchor pulley. I only ran mine from the side handle back to the stern. I made a little steel “eyelet” to attach where the plastic one was using the two machine screws are on the top of the stern. Attached the pulley to it. There are many descriptions, photos of how to make one on kayakfishing.com etc. I have been using a 1/2 gal. milk jug for an anchor, but it drags if the wind > 10 kts. May get a bonifide 2 lb anchor instead.

I also recommend scupper plugs. Keeps you much drier not to mention warmer in cold water. I’m vy happy with the rod holders, the tackle box recesses, etc. I use a playboy cooler in the rear for fish, or at least for my lunch and cold refreshment :slight_smile:

Enjoy your new kayak.

I use a 3 lb rubber coated dumbell for
an anchor, clip a 2.5 lb plate on if its really windy. If you have an Academy Sporting Goods in your neck of the woods, they sell the galvanized folding anchor, two sizes, for under $10. The anchor trolley is the way to go. Have two on my yak, one for my anchor, one for my drift sock.