I just built a kayak rack

I just built a kayak rack. It’s nothing special, but it keeps it off the ground. If interested, you can see it at http://virginiawind.com/tips/kayak_rack.asp.


Interesting. Lawn furniture style.


So I’m a closet hillbilly,
but it works to keep my boat off the deck. I put the PVC together a few weeks ago, and used a tow strap from my Jeep as the saddle. With the 1 inch dowel in the long parts I’m getting no sag. Today I found the lawn chair repair material so it was time to finish the rack and put the tow strap back for future use. I’ve got stumps to pull don’t you know…

Hey… I like it !!
Serves the Purpose,didn’t cost that much and ya made it yourself !!

Motorcycle Tourer huh?
…with articles on the Flag, and Missing Children links…I like you already…

The rack is pretty nifty too.

Nice rack but where do you put…
Where do the rest of the kayaks and canoes go? What, only one boat? In this paddling pastime, it is important to remember that the number of boats you need is always at least “one more.”

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, Md.

The rest of the kayaks will go

Didn’t think of that. And now that my wife has been out in one she’s got the bug as well.

Other boats go here…

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On this rack I built for 6 boats. Granted is cost a little more, but.. like you, I built it myself.... difference is I have room for a fleet.


Paddle on.

Bernie on the left coast.

Nice Rack!
Bernie - beautiful rack and nice finish to it. Curious, will you be putting any padding on the cross bars to protect the hulls from the wood? I’ve seen ones with strips of that indoor/outdoor grass carpet - not sure how nice that becomes once it is wet and moldy…