I just finish riging my ultimate kayak.

ok mabe not but its 90% finish now.

rubber mat on the floor…anti slip stuff…for the noise…to keep stuff frome slidding around…great stuff.

home made dash board…wit rod holders and compass etc.

dash box…fishing finder 2 batteries etc.

love that yak.






more pict





I paddled an Ultimate 12 Saturday
Nice boat, but would not be my choice for rocky rivers where it could hang on the rocks in fast water. It tends to high center between the hulls and you can’t rock it side to side to get it off the rocks. But, it was a great little craft otherwise and appears to be an excellent fishing craft. Very stable and paddles easy.

Nice job on the rigging.

Way to go!!!
I also have outrigged my Native with pole holders, holding bag and fish finder, I did put a non skid rug to keep from slipping and that works great. My anchor is a rock in a bag and that works. I might add the trolly system to move the anchor to the front and back of the boat. I love fishing out of it and best of all it goes in the back of my pickup and no trailer to mess it.

Now if I can just fillet what I catch, I guess for now I am a catch and release kind of gal. Enjoy your boat, I sure am…Kathy