I just read about mohawk canoes

that their production of royalex canoes has been shut down due to lack of supplies. Is this a common occurance (as I know royalex is in short supply) for canoe makers or would this be a sign of a beginning to an end for a company such as this?

Perhaps their sales were better than anticipated and they’ve run through their supplies in the short term?


That could be it
I was just curious.

The end
may be in sight. I left a message by phone 3 weeks ago regarding a solo boat but never received a return call.

and so it goes…
The internet rumor mill starts to churn.

I remember reading a post about the new owners of Mohawk Canoes considering going to dealer sales instead of direct marketing. There was even an “anonymous” poll about “trying boats before buying” that I thought was started on behalf of Mohawk.

Could this be the beginning?

Maybe a hint?
We see small makers of wooden, composite, skin on frame, etc … boats, but have you ever seen a small Royalex boat maker? Hummm …



Soon Bush will be a Royal ex.

in Arkansas is relatively small

Might be, but i don’t think I would call
them small maker. Did not go ask, but the site indicated they sell over 110 used. New sales should be much greater. It seems they have enough volume to be bigger than small.



wish I could still get the paddles
I really liked the Mohawk Paddles and now they are gone. Darn!

Don’t know if its the same, but this
outfit sells a Mohawk paddle. From the description, it has the same black plastic grip as the two I bought back in the "80’s.


Mohawk was not sold in whole, but
divided up and sold in pieces. I believe the original owners kept the graphics, accessories, and paddles “divisions”. The composites (fiberglass) division was broken up and sold off in pieces, as stock, equipment, etc.

I thought there was a site for just paddles, but…



Thought ChicagoLand Canoe Base
closed as well. Didn’t owner retire two summers ago?



Don’t know, but the website is still up.

website states:
The site says they are not taking orders for their rx designs but that they are still selling F/G canoes and accessories.

When I was last there the fiberglass
operation was all gone. All the equipment had been sold. The whole fiberglass fabrication area was completely empty. We were told the fiberglass division was not for sale. They were only selling remaining stock. They had a surprising amount of stock.

So then, the questions would be:

Are the fiberglass canoes for sales still the left over ones?

If these are left overs, are they from the original owner or from the new owner.

If new, did the new owner start up a new fiberglass operation?



Sorry, lost interest in finishing the
detailed reply I had intended to come back with later on. I did not have the time, still do not, and thinking about it probably should not bore you guys anyway.

I’m going to get back to work and hopefully I can squeeze paddling in this week instead.



I sure miss their paddles
Wish I could get some more of them. My teen paddlers can destroy a plastic carlise in no time but the mohawks really lasted better than anything.

Frank, you may be in luck: