I just want to buy a kayak

Register if you want to contact seller, it said.

I did so. Tried to contact the seller, and the system is telling me I can f-off with that. Lovely. At what point do I stop getting jerked around?

I just tried contacting a seller. Once I logged in as instructed, the message menu opened.

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Not working out for me like that Rookie. Pru, yea, that seems more like it.

For the record, kayaks do not like getting flambéed. Unfortunately, that model got discontinued, after I fell in love with it…been looking for another for a while. Now I seem so close, yet so far from replacing it.


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Yea man, that was a bad day for me.

Holy inferno! I’m so sorry. I hope that is the sum total of your loss and that you are able to replace it.

Pru, yea, that was most of it…lost some accessories too, fishing gear. My carbon paddle actually mostly made it, but with the amber’d epoxi I fear it’s brittle now and haven’t used it again. Wish I could say finding a replacement when I was in a position to do something about it hasn’t taken all that long, but it kinda has.

So I got my stripes, and sometime within the last 12 hours the kayak in question came up missing. It’s gone. Really would have driven 2000 miles for it! :unamused:

I hate to hear it. If you google for the kayak with “brand model craigslist” (no quotes when searching), you will sometimes get hits for CL postings across the country.

I’m not on the water today because I aggravated an old shoulder injury. I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw your burned up boat. I really hope you find what you are looking for.


Shoulder issues? Oh no, sorry to hear. I know that goes too, not pretty. Hope it calms down so you can get out there soon.

She was a Prijon Kodiak, in “granite” white. Had her delivered to the [Mississippi] Headwaters Hostel on Lake Itasca…then paddled like 560 miles to red wing. We did black water in Florida, and I’m from Cali, so we’re talking eel river through the Redwoods and having orca surface so close to me I could have petted it with my paddle off the coast of Santa Cruz…yea, I miss that thing.

It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack at this point; they come up rarely. …and one posted here was beautiful, really great condition. They’re out there. I imagine I’ll get one some day.


Thank you very much!

Please let us know when you find your boat. I hope it’s soon.

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Thanks! Hope it’s soon too. You actually inspired me to go pawing around on Craigslist a bit more, and there’s one in Montana! Already reached out…hope it goes well. =)

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Very cool. It will make my day if this works out for you!

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I see quite a few nice Prijon boats pop up in the Denver area, even Kodiaks from time to time, so keep an eye out.

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Thanks guys. It does seem the situation is not quite as bad as I made it out to be. The kodiak posted here is actually on CL now. I reached out, but there are complications here. -like I’m 2k miles away, would rather get it then have it delivered so I can check out new places on the way back, and I don’t have a couple/few weeks to spare right now for. Maybe we can work something out. Anyway, appreciate the support on this! -thanks again.

Not sure where you are, but here is one in Park City, UT. No affiliation, just happened to see it:

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Good looking out! Thanks.

I’m in California. That is a lot closer! My first craft was a Prijon Seayak, in yellow. Put that baby in the Yellowstone in Billings Montana once upon a time…pulled out in St. Louis. Loved the craft, but the color really didn’t do it for me. I found a red kodiak in Tahoe recently, but that wasn’t working for me either. -way too dark (hot) for summer expeditions. And I need the more recent model with day hatch and better seating. No, I’m not getting picky on this at all. :joy: smh

Pretty sure that’s the confluence of Mississippi and Missouri.