I know how the single parent of a 2 yo feels

Sort of. When our children were that age my wife carried the load while I worked my butt off.
The current holder of that position is Honey, our 3 mo old Labradoodle. This time I’m carrying the load. Some days I can’t wait for the sun to go down.
At first , she responded very well to our wishes but she has matured and is very inquisitive. She discovered freedom a week ago and never stops looking for it. Our old fence had several weak spots where she can crawl under. Every time she finds one, I plug it . She knows her name and responds unless something interesting catches her attention.
The good news is she is 97% house trained. No accidents in 2 days. Also , she approaches everything teeth first and they are razor sharp.I only bled a few drops today because I’ve learned how to avoid them and she’s learning not to bite human flesh.
I’m still wondering why a 72 yo half cripple wanted such a creature. Because my wife told me I needed a dog.
Every time she sees a chance , she leaps onto my lap and nibbles my ears. I’m guessing she’s about 20 lb, headed for 50-60.
What’s this have to do with paddling?
I’m going to need a canoe. Should have kept the Malecite or the Rapidfire.

Ain’t she pretty? Those are my feet under her.
I just patched her current favorite escape hole.
She studied what I was doing, bumped it with her nose and barked her displeasure.

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And you almost got two of them… :dog2: :dog2:

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Dodged that bullet for sure.

Maybe you should have gotten a more calm, low-maintenance breed like a coonhound.


She sure looks like a snuggler, string. Hope you’ve gotten her lots of toys to chew on; might save on band aids!

Can’t wait to hear your stories about canoe training.

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I can’t wait to hear those stories either!

Same land shark teeth Tom. How old is yours? Rookie, as soon as I sit in my chair in the morning , she’s in my lap. She tried for awhile but finally mastered it. Her back feet are almost off the chair while she nibbles my ear, then she rolls over for her belly rub.
I’m going to need a bigger chair.
Doug, since you have a canoe, I’m sure you will witness her canoe training, then you can tell the stories.


Your wife was absolutely correct - you needed a dog. What a cutie!

:grin: It doesn’t…but that’s OK as this section allows that.
I refuse to bring my dog paddling with me as he’s not exactly the type of dog that will sit down and enjoy the ride. Like your dog, he’d probably want to crawl on my lap and at 100lbs…nah.

One of the things we’ve done with our puppies is ‘replacement’, which can be out of self defense with their puppy needle teeth. If they come over and want me to play, want to nibble/chew on me, I force one of their toys in their mouth and play with them using that. Saved us humans a lot of scabs but the other dog didn’t have that option, so wound up with a lot of scabs during that phase of puppy-dom.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the kayak. I’m not a dog person because they’re so darned affectionate. One of my daughter’s black labs insist on showing me her favorite toy but won’t let me touch it. The other just sets her head on my shoe. Both are black dut different as day and night. Sometimes you just got to give them a good scruff for their exposed surfaces.

I have 6 healing small wounds from puppy teeth and that’s the lowest number since we got her. Both of us are learning how to avoid those.

Oh. These girls are pussy cats. Or puppies - one young, the other one older and settled. The young one pestered the 15 yr old cat who protests vigorously. The oldest protests every time an animal shows up on TV to claim her turf. None of them have been in kayaks.

What a cutie! Here is mine. :heart: I feel your pain (quite literally). 10 week old German Shepherd/ Australian Shepherd mix. Sweet as can be. Part of the time. Raging monster the rest of the time. Many toys have been offered, but when she wants fingers, hands or throats, nothing else will do! She has been kayaking once, and was a perfect angel (asleep) after about 10 minutes. I’m hoping to try it again this afternoon, if we can wrestle her into her new pfd.