I know this isn't a health forum, but...

I’ll make this quick. I’m a 51 year old male, fairly healthy, other than a little high blood sugar and blood pressure. My wife scheduled me two weeks ago for a colonoscopy last Friday. I have fought this for several years. I have a physical every year, blood testing and “stain” test for anything bad. Turns out I had a golf ball size growth in my colon, complete with pre cancerous cells. Doc said it was the kind that would have killed me in a few years if it wasn’t caught and removed. What a wake up call. The procedure is a piece of cake, worst part is sitting on the toilet so many times, the “drink” is pretty good, get the flavored. I would, now, much rather have a colonoscopy than a trip to the dentist, it’s that easy. So please, even if you don’t think you are at risk, but you are at that age, get it done. Now I KNOW how impotant it is to get checked. Marc

Thank heaven for persistant wives.

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“Up yours” advice?

Good Post!!! You have done us all a
good service. No one should die from colon cancer as it is generally preventable. While your at it, ask the Doc to run a PSA in your next bloodwork as well. My mother has had Colon, Breast, and Uterine cancer. All primary and all survived. She is a pit bull and vigilant. Leave no stone unturned, it is your life and your decisions to make.

I’ve been putting it off since turning 50 - will set it up this week!

I’ve had it done twice. It really isn’t that big a deal, but a whole lot of folks have a problem getting their mind around it.

Get the appointment in the morning, it’s less time awake when you are hungry. Have a nice lunch to celebrate after the procedure is done. Tease your younger friends about it, but get them to do it when it’s time.

It is easier than many dentists visits.

The best drugs you will ever get.
You wake up feeling great! P.S. It can save your life.

And skinny, too
You’ll feel so skinny afterwards!

I’ve been doing them for ten years
and I’m 62 and enjoying life.

Good advice,make them part of your checkup list…if you don’t then colon cancer will be on the back of your mind…one thing less to worry about in theory at least.

Live a healthy lifestyle and you can’t do much more.

A good mate helps a lot too.

just get it done!!
I too put it off and finally decided to listen to my doctor and get it done. The worst part for me was drinking all that liquid the day before. Half way through, I started throwing up, NOT FUN. The actual procedure is a piece of cake as I was out like a lite. Make sure you have someone there that you don’t mind (and they don’t mind) helping you get your clothes back on. I don’t even remember putting mine on! And of course, can drive you home. And just know that no matter what the end results are, it’s better to know sooner than later.

just had mine two weeks ago
they found a small precancerous polyp and removed it–another one in 3-5 years now—don’t mind the procedure at all—don’t even mind all the sitting on the toilet but that gallon of laxative really sucks. Still it beats colon cancer any day of the week.

I’m 32, but I’ve had one

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The year I was traveling to and from Japan every other month, I started having some bleeding and just general chronic lower bowel problems, bleeding turned out to be hemmorhoids from when I was flying out, and other problems turned out to be food allergy to MSG and other things found in Asian food which haven't been identified. But, since my mom's sister died of colon cancer the year before, I wasn't going to tell my self "it's probably nothing." I was a little worried about ulcerative collitis, esp. since if you have that, you're pretty much going to get colon cancer, but my gastroenterologist said I have a healthy colon, no UC, no spastic colon, not even a sign of irritable bowel syndrome.

Really, it's not unpleasant at all. The night before is a little rough, you become good friends with your toilet, but the procedure itself, not uncomfortable at all (that I remember, anyway)

Also, since my maternal grandfather had prostate cancer and my dad and his brother both had it, I figure I'm a cinch to get it, so I have already started to get a yearly PSA. The second that thing goes up slightly, I'm on it.

Just remembr sigmoidoscopy isn’t as good
Have heard of cases where people get the sigmoidoscopy, clean bill of health, but they missed a deadly tumor.

It could be done better
I had a colonoscopy done a few years ago and watched the monitor during the entire procedure. The thing I will ask for next time is that the camera not be turned on until the camera is inside. I never considered myself to be particularly photogenic, but watching the camera as it approached the point of entry convinced me that my face isn’t my worst side.

got a sigmoidoscopy
5 years ago and a c-scope two weeks ago–the sig showed nothing but the c-scope got the little sucker–now I feel clean

Yes, I had one just a few weeks ago
I lost a great friend a few years back to colon cancer. Makes me sick, I’d known he and his twin brother since high school. He died a few months after his 50th birthday. A friend sent me a story Dave Barry did on colonoscopies and it was histerical, I laughed outloud until I cried, it was right on the mark. Wish I could forward it here. Anyone who’s had one would appreciate his humor.

Had mine last summer
and I didn’t even think the super lax was too bad. The worst part was missing breakfast. Get it done when the Doc recommends it. It could save a life, yours.