I like waterfalls

But not in the back yard. Preceded by a hail storm. It was brief but I was beginning to think tornado.

Wow, nice water feature. Too bad it’s in your back yard.

I love falling water (or snow for that matter). I wish that storm came up our way. We just got cloud cover today as the storm was too far south. Ocean has gone pond flat…

Guess I go for the fishing rod instead of a paddle this weekend. :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Oh hell, String. If you like ‘em that much, come paddle a few creeks by me.
(Better to leave and let somebody else bother with all the cleaning up!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

'Course, if you like them frozen, got that too!

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It wasn’t as bad as some we’ve had. I got the gates open in time to keep it out of the house. We live at the bottom of a hill and anything loose comes down here.
Lots of detritus clean up ahead.

Crazy weather. I have the same problem. I am at the bottom of a hill at the end of a cul-de-sac. Water come rushing down the road into the cul-de-sac, overwhelms the storm drains, and then down the hill like a river into my backyard and basement - no way to keep it out. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen very often, only twice in the 35-years I’ve lived here, but when it does it is a mess. Glad you kept it out of the house.

We’ve lived here since 87 and it has taken A lot of sweat equity and construction to keep it out of the house.
I’ve dug ditches across the back and down the side and filled them with drain pipe and gravel. It helps drain so we no longer have a swamp at the back door after a deluge.
The best prevention was to put in a paver patio that is 3" higher than the original.
It came in the house twice , once when we had a cookout . We had a mop, towel, and broom brigade to move the water out then.
Thank goodness we are on a slab with no basement.

You did a nice job on it. Better than some puddles in the yard that in the living room. I would ad a submersible pump some were in there and send it out to the street, if thats legal where you live. Mine floods worse than that and I had to add several pumps, but I the luxury of a 4 acre lot so I can pump it away from the house unnoticed.

I have below-grade basement windows, so there isn’t much I can do when the water is really high. I finally gave up and put in a sump pump - not as good as having a dry basement, but much better than having to bail it out with a wet-vac. Good luck - hope you are all dried out.

We were dried to very damp and water still in low spots but just got back from a tune up paddle, and it’s raining . Supposed to be less but continue through Sunday.

I’ve just recently returned from the spring Ozark Rendezvous which was held on the Buffalo River in AR this year. When I arrived there was very little water in the river. (Always a crap shoot on the Buffalo - it rises fast and dries fast, making it chancy to plan very far ahead.) The first night it rained all night, periodically quite heavily. The next day the river rose in the neighborhood of seven feet and trees were flushing downstream. The next day the waterfalls were running like mad.

Meredith KS posted a couple nice waterfall shots from the trip that folks might like.
Its probably easiest to check them out on her post near the end of the Ozark Rendz. thread.

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