I like winter better

on paddling.net

Somehow it seems that there is a marked increase in repeated topics going around in summer.

Maybe the excited new owners of kayaks and canoes want to get the info they need without doing any homework.

I am sure that most questions could be answered if the posters would do a simple search of the archives first.

How many more times will we need to see:

-what’s the best knife

-best kayak for a newbie

-my ass hurts sitting for long time

-rudder or skeg

-what color is faster: red or black…

Pleeeaase… :slight_smile:

black (nm) :slight_smile:

nerve of some people- to think they would get on a advice message board and ask for help. Shame on them for asking the same question more than once.

I just can’t believe they would dare ask such crazy questions without doing their research.

Gnarly- what do you suggest we post??

of course you like winter better
you live in the southern hemisphere where winter is summer

sure it is warm
when it is winter at your place over here is very toasty… (mind you MY winter is still around 70F)

I was referring the higher quality discussion level on Paddling.net that occurs in your winter season :slight_smile:

Me too, but…
… becasue I like low 80s air and mid 70s water temps with little or no rain more than high 80s/low 90s for both with rain every day and mosquito explosion.

Simple search of the p.net archives?
Yeah, right. Posters use such a variation of phrases, terminology, abbreviations and slang that it’s often pretty difficult to hit just the right combination of words with the right spelling to find the information you’re looking for in the archives.

Also, some posters delete their threads after they get the information they want, or for other reasons, and that info is no longer in the archives, even though many think it is.

Also, in winter much of the information in the responses is based on relatively distant memories, rather than recent experiences, so it may not be quite as accurate as the summer responses.

Shouldn’t this be in the discussion
forum? See, you haven’t learned to use the p.net yet, either.

G2d’s gonna get you :slight_smile:

those that ask a repeat question are not very computer savy as to how to move around on a website.

It took me awhile to learn. All is not the same.

Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff!

Have an awesome weekend, get out on the water, and enjoy.

If there is anything I hate, it is some
one telling me to search here and there for the answer to a question I have.

If I wanted to search I would have never asked the question.

And over and above that, I like all seasons.

By the way, what should I wear in cold water this coming winter ???



You Obviously Are “New” To PNet…

– Last Updated: Jul-02-09 6:29 AM EST –

if you think "topics" in the winter are better than the summer... LOL!


that’s funny
g2d will get ticked.

that guy can really be a jerk.

but, searching the archives is nice, although g2d shows up everywhere claiming to know everything.

maybe g2d is really jesus posting from above?

repeat topics should become guides
Topics that are constantly repeated should become guides published on the site. Hopefully newbies will poke around a little and read the guides first.

Or, as they do on most every other forum on the internet, popular topics are made “sticky” where they never trickle down the thread list and remain on the top. They may be re-written to be more reference-like. Just another quirk of the pnet board system (like the nested replies…) I suppose

I like it much better when the
"Do you always wear your PFD", “do you always use front and rear tiedowns” and the ever popular “rudder, vs, skeg vs nothing” are frequently asked.

I can and usually do start a real good war !



kayak vs. canoe…
is the best


PNet Search Blows Chunks
Sorry but trying to get anything usable or even consistant out of the PNet search is an exercise in futility.

And for cryin’ out loud, everybody knows red boats are faster!


That is uncalled for
I have had my disagreements with G2D and I know him from boatertalk.com. But I would never condone the kind of personal slander in your post.

Can we have a war
about what kind of fungus is growing in your yard?

I like winter better too! Because it doesnt snow the ENTIRE month.

I like winter better on the water.
Every one and their brother is at home watching football, and we have the rivers all to our penguin suited selves.

Take it easy on Gnarlydog. He’s cheap. He loves the winter he walks up the mountain and skis down on half a binding.