I love a summer rainstorm.

An hour ago , it was in the 90s .Humid and oppressive. Then BOOM! and cool air and rain swept in.
I was afraid we had entered another hot , dry period like so many of our recent summers.
Not today.
I’m glad we weren’t on the water.

I like them, up to a point. They can be monsoonal gullywashers around here, which cause damage and frequently partner up with hail. Those are dreaded.

But a good old shower followed by a noticeable cooldown is welcome in this period of temps mainly between 85 and 100.

My husband said he overheard an Arizonian telling someone he was going back to Phoenix because “it’s too cold here.” Whaaaaaaaaat!!! But that’s good…enough people around anyway, don’t want everybody liking the same climate.

We really rely on them to occur daily. Without the summer monsoons, it would be a lot hotter here.

I’m OK with the daily 3pm rain. It’s the lightning and 70mph gusts I’m not so fond of.