I’m in sticktight hell!

I’m in sticktight hell. Any suggestions for the easiest way to remove these?

These plants may be native, but they are annoying after going to seed.

Yes, Get a dog and send the dog ahead of you, It needs to be a large dog.

Then you spend time getting them off the dog instead of you! I don’t know the scientific name of this botanical nuisance of if there are different varieties.

Hackelia Virginia?/ You are the botanist!

I could shave the dog.

I’m not sure what the plant is, but I remember planting some at our other house.

We call them beggar lice.


I hope a certain coon hound doesn’t find that patch.

We also have Spanish Needle, and Cockle Burr as well.

And ticks and skeeters.

Hey Yanoer, I just make a pouty face like a little kid and take the potentially ruined garment off and hand it to my wife. It looks like you were appropriately dressed. That stuff is a nightmare with fleece but does come off coonhounds easily.

@castoff said:
We also have Spanish Needle, and Cockle Burr as well.
Those do not sound friendly.

Army surplus flame thrower from WWII

@TomL said:
Those do not sound friendly.

The Cockle Burr is full of points that can draw blood when sat or stepped on, or removing from cloths. The Spanish needle is more of a nuisance like Sticktights. We also have Sandspurs which were a bane of bare feet as a kid they can leave splinters under the skin and also draw blood. When growing up in south FL there was a small low growing plant that had pretty yellow flowers we called Buttercups, but are not really. They formed a seed head about the size of the finger nail on the little finger. This was shaped something like a medieval war mace with four stiff spines that would put a hole in your bare feet. I went barefoot much of my childhood as you might surmise from this. I became adept at spotting Sandspurs, and Buttercups…

Wet sand Spurs. It softens the spikes.

Y’all have dangerous plants down there! It’s like they’re out to get you!

Last week my grandson and I went for a walk in the park. The grandson got some on his socks and said, “What are these?”

“Sticktights… seeds.”