I might need more leg room

I’m considering taking the foot brace assemblies out which will give me at least 4 more inches. I’ve already frozen the rudder so it’s a skeg.
I thought about having my legs shortened but then my pants will be too long.


I think you are going to need a bigger boat.

The S14S looks to me like the old days of surfskis. Back when you ordered a boat by your inseam length. To me I don’t think that taking the pedals out will be enough.

Talk Marshall into a trade in and get the 18 footer. It will fit you better and open a new world to you, I think. The 18 is a very efficient hull that is a lot more of a boat, besides being closer to the right size.

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Wait a tad bit… Maybe like me, you’ll shrink a bit. But, if you are impatient, it’s time for a new ride! :slight_smile:


I’ve already shrunk from 6’6" to 6’5". Don’t think I’ve got time for more.

Craig I’m talking to Marshall about selling the 14 and upgrading to a 16. Thanks for the suggestion.


Make sure there’s enough room for Honey.

Great thought but probably not

I am giving my sister-in-law my RTM Disco and taking her out tomorrow for a run through. She has been paddleboarding (on a local lake) and now wants to do kayaking. She asked whether she can take her dog out with her. I said, “NO WAY!”, and you won’t get the boat unless you wear a PFD and wear immersion (for right now).

She can do what she wants later on, after some paddling experience. Right now, I don’t want to be responsible for her getting into trouble with a boat and gear I am giving her.



Took almost 2 hours to help her figure out how to get the RTM Disco on and off her Subaru Forester on her own. Glad she fit the PFD that I had bought originally for my son when he was a tween. She thought the PFD fit and was comfortable (and thus more likely to wear it). Good news is she fit the RTM Disco perfectly, although she is slightly shorter than me. Bad news is that she needs to buy a paddle, as she somehow snapped the blade on the ONNO carbon fiber touring paddle I was going to give her (shrug, I don’t use that paddle at all).

After paddling a couple hours on the Charles River, I think she probably understands my concern about her thought about bringing the dog with her on the SOT (at least initially in her paddling). The Disco hull is no barge and is shaped to perform (be able to edge) more like a small touring kayak.

Now, I have room for the a pre-owned Cobra ReVision (13’ surf SOT) that I have been hunting for over 6 years. I had actually wanted this longer surf SOT before picking up the Delphin 150. Not finding one, I got the Delphin for my desire for a longer surf ride that can me to the outer reef breaks.

As String knows, almost any reason will do to justify the next boat. :sunglasses:


Sing, that is a common characteristic among humans as every good marketing type knows.