I miss Fat Elmo

Perhaps less than ideal
now on a Fort Collins hill
encircled by Stonehenge of closed-cell foam,
in middle age of less than fluid
there sadly sits in worship Druid
bon voyaging an imaginary eighth sea roam.

And when he comes down from that hill
to plot Platte voyage of his thrill
he’ll know there’s just one way to make of it a go.
A System of the Wilderness
cockpits child wildling with its bless,
into infinity and beyond with Pamlico.


Somewhere between Monty’s Spam, Spam, Spam,
and those waltzin’ Vienna Sausage there’s a Blam, Blam, Blam!
Forklifts droppin’, arteries poppin’,
yes indeedy, each gent and mam!
There’s a holdup in the bilges
till offal endings hit the can!


I can hear your cardiologist crying.

FE is now in the plywood business… Making a fortune reselling.

Holy sheet! If this post ain’t a blast from the past.
–What’s next, the revival of Raystown???
(Which I never actually made it to.)

Recently saw a very faded poly Pamlico 140 for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Asking price: $1200!!!

With the boon in newby pandemic rec paddlers, guess the seller figures there’s a sucker born every minute.

Either that, or maybe somebody wants to own a legend.

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At $1200, it had better come with the grey thing.


At $1200 it should be a platinum thing

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I just dropped in to see what condition this condition was in. So nice to see familiar people are still here. And canoeswithduckheads is more prolific than ever! :sunglasses: :grinning:


I think we’re perking up. More activity, good questions from new people.

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