I miss Fat Elmo

I miss Fat Elmo’s posts. Hope he’s doing well and paddling.


Me too

Agree. Another good p.nutter I’ll probably never meet.

I paddled with FE a few times, local Shepaug here in western CT , The Lackawaxen and/ or a creek in the Delaware Water Gap area, Housatonic as well iirc; along with the folks from his club, the HRCKC (Hackensack river canoe/kayak club). Don’t see any of those guys any more, my work schedule changed for awhile, we all got older, covid came…but great memories with some fun to hang out with folks, as long as we stayed off facebook

Yes, so do I. But he is a fraud, don’t you know.

He is not fat, and his name is not Elmo.

I met him a few times at Paddlesport. Nice guy, he gave me a t-shirt.

That was a Man who could Mingo the lingo!
(folks say was end result of losing Spam Socket Bingo.)
Likely Chunky Pam’s cuz crossed with FlabYaMore Deceiver.
Now HasBeanie Weenie propellin’ DeHavilland Beaver.

(a.k.a., Gone into the not-so-thin air. But there’s still heard occasionally a strange howlin’ from the high Joisey hills, so ya just never know.)

He is alive and well, even after his heart surgery. I speak to him occasionally.

He is fat and Elmo is not his name.

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims… Fat Elmo be here. Still chasin’ dem thaar Mingo wimmins but a wee bit slower nowadays. Las’ Jooly got some plumbin’ re-rooted but doin’ OK now. Been on a pilgramage fer a red Pamlico 140… yer knows de bestest boat on de face o’ de arth. Greetins’ an’ salutations fro’ Joisey.


Wid o’ widout a “grey thing”?

Ah’ de Gray Thing runned off ta Fort Collins with some kid named P140. Didn’t woik out ah’ hear tell.

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Still battling the elements of the mighty Horsetooth Resevir no doubt (spelling intentionally incorrect to maintain hysterical accuracy.)…and yes, I suppose seeing as that was the bestest seafaring vessel ever created, I’d imagine it to be the only one with the mysterious gray (or grey, my memory is hazy in this area) thing.

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HO back FE! Good to hear from you.

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Glad you’re ok FE! You gave me some helpful advice many years ago when I was looking to cartop a kayak on an old Jeep with raingutters. I never forgot your kindness or your sense of humor. Stay well my friend!

Well good to hear from you FE. I hope you find that red Pamlico.



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I have been having trouble finding the new fangled Spam Singles in the store since the Pandamnit started. They are just the right size to slap between two slices. I figured FE bought them all up like they were toilet paper, and that’s why there has been this here shortage!

Andy glad you were able to keep in touch with Elmo and chase him out of the Jersey Barrens. His absence was a loss to the paddling community.

Elmo, welcome back. Take good care of that plumbing. I was fearing the Jersey devil got you. Stay well so you can paddle on.

Me’ stash o’ SPAM… shood clear out me artooree plumbin’