I miss Sea Kayaker Magazine !!

I have only been in the sport 9 years. I sure did like the reviews and articles in the publication. To bad there sales could not keep them afloat. Other publications now available have crappy reviews that I could write up and be the tester.

I agree, very sad to see them go. Luckily Ocean Paddler is just as good!

I’ll have to check it out.

They had great articles too!

I miss the deep trouble type stories and the analysis they provided. I think Chris tried to sell it as he was ready to retire, but no luck.

George Gronseth, one of the authors of the “Deep Trouble” books, maintains an accident reporting site at Kayak Academy. It’s an educational read: https://www.kayakacademy.com/pages/accident-reports

I was rummaging around Kayarchy and found an online magazine which call itself “Sea Kayaker Magazine.” http://www.seakayakermag.com/

No idea if it’s anything like the print version as that went out of business before I started paddling.

I re-read the Deep Trouble books regularly.

@RLL said:
I re-read the Deep Trouble books regularly.

Ditto. But I will admit that when I started reading the first one, which was not long after I started paddling, the stories were scary and I seriously questioned whether kayaking was a good choice (staying alive is a fun thing to do). I kept reading and by the time I got through the first couple of stories in the second book, I had learned enough to be appalled at the bad choices made by the paddlers.

The books are great teaching tools. They’re on my nightstand - my literary winter refresher course.

I miss Sea Kayaker also. I continue to support Atlantic Coastal Kayaker magazine. Ocean Paddler is great reading and extensive. The publication Adventure Kayaker is awful IMO. Swallow reports and definitely geared for the beginners. Seems like the articles are written by Jr.-High students compared to what Sea Kayaker produced in the past…

Another really good overseas mag is Kanu from Germany. Very exhaustive and very informative, but also expensive.