i named my kayak

-- Last Updated: Jun-29-09 6:25 PM EST --

a couple of weeks ago some of you may remember that i asked if anyone ever named their yaks. well, i finally decided and even committed and stuck it on my boat. you can go to womenonwaterh2o.blogspot.com and scroll all the way down to check it out. let me know what you think. it's my 1st attempt at vinyl lettering with a new graphic program and vinyl cutter. i was pretty pleased with the results. the light blue flower is actually a white outline overlaying the blue...really liked this look.

p.s. it's Liquid Therapy

I’ve named 2 of mine
My 1st I named “cool change” after that song. The second I named “The Sea Vamp” because it is a Necky. Of course all but Vamp has worn off :slight_smile:

gotta like that!
it’s been a popular name for boats (power and sail) for a long time…because people love their boats and being out on the water is so good for so much of what can ail us.

But you may have the first kayak named Liquid Therapy! so enjoy the boat and make sure you get lots of therapy!

The site address is…

i had a dumb spell. i just came in to change it.

i made and cut the graphics myself…1st attempt at the lettering thingy… i was pretty happy w/ the results.

i had a
i had a whole list and couldn’t decide. i know liquid therapy isn’t original but that’s what it is for me…so be it! :slight_smile:

oh yeh …you bet!
i’ve logged in a lot of hours already. rain and all!

I always name my kayaks
and make the vinyl lettering logo just like you.

I usually use retroreflective vinyl.

Some examples:




Mine is “Poo Barge”

Clear Coat
Did you put some clear on top of that? I like to either spray on some clear or use clear nail polish. Helps protect the graphics/lettering.

didn’t think about it. good point though. thanks for the tip. :slight_smile: the graphics have not gone in the water yet. logged on 10 hrs. in the last couple days, it’s now raining AGAIN and she will rest. maybe on a nice sunny day if i remember i will seal it.

“Your Ad Here” NM

How are you making the lettering?
Are you two doing it by hand? Or… ?

lettering on vinyl
The lettering (or any other design) on vinyl is done by creating the design first.

I use Photoshop.

I print the design I want on paper.

Trim with scissors close to the edge of the design and sticky tape the edges to my vinyl.

With a very sharp craft knife (surgical knife works best) I cut through the paper and vinyl (on a cutting board).

Once the design is cut, I remove the unwanted vinyl and I am left with my design.

If it’s fine and intricate I lay some masking tape over it to hold it together when peeling it off the backing paper.

To ensure bubble free adhesion on my kayak I spray a mist of water with a drop of dishwashing detergent.

I apply my decal onto the wet surface, move it around until happy and then squeeze out the excess water under the decal.

Once the decal has adhered, (overnight) I remove the masking tape.

both named after my wife
my 1st boat, a beat up, 40 year old, 17 foot grumman canoe is the “mary t”. my newer kayak is the “mary t too”. she calls her emotion kayak “river rage”.