I need a 400 mile kayak, up to Class II

One of our James River 400 paddlers needs a kayak that can run Class I-II boulder gardens and ledge chutes, flatwater, shallow water where poling is sometimes needed (sitting down), and a few days on the Chesapeake Bay from Jamestown to Virginia Beach. He is our company photographer so he needs a stable craft, with room for camping gear. He is a practiced back packer and goes light, weighs 175 and is 6’ and athletic. We’re staying in the 14 foot or less range for the miles and miles of Class I-II rock gardens upstream, yet still be able to keep up with tandem canoes on the flats and on the bay, and with enough dry storage to handle his gear. Part of the adventure is to use the same boat for the entire trip, which precludes swapping out for a different boat when conditions change. So far we’ve looked at Necky Zoar Sport, Necky Manitou 14 and Liquid Logic’s Pisgah. Anybody had experience with these three for comparison? Are there other kayaks we can be looking at as well?



Prijon Yukon Expedition
Get it with a rudder if the paddler is not that experienced. This boat will be all he/she needs.



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If he's not an experienced paddler with a roll there isn't much use in putting him in a tippy boat trying to keep up with folks on the flats or maneuvering on moving water. The Yukon is an efficient paddling SUV of a kayak. Get it with a rudder. The manito14 will be stable but not sure it it's maneuverable enough, I suspect the Yukon is a smidge less effort to move on the water.

Class IV-V, is it possible?
Take a look at the 14 foot Liquid Logic Pisgah on the Chatooga and the Gauley. Wow!


Riot has some crossover boats and I believe Prion as well.

Perception Carolina 14.5
Another paddler suggested the Carolina 14.5

That gives me 6 to choose from, should be able to find something satisfactory in that lot, eh?

Thanks everyone


Rocks? = Prijon
Tough to beat the construction. Probably your best bet.

See you on the water,



looksha sport
if you can find one a Necky looksha sport might work, but i don’t know if they still produce them

riot voyager.