I need a decent cheap kayak

I am 17 and own an 17’ 174 old town discovery canoe. I go canoe with my father when possible. The only problem is that it is around 75-80 lbs. There are some nice small lakes (under 10 acres) around my house that i would love to paddle. I would like to find a small kayak between 30 and 50 lbs. With good primary and secondary stabilization that i would be able to load myself and take. My objective is to fish from the kayak. I also would like to know if i need a sit on top kayak or sit inside kayak. kinda scared about tipping it if i sat inside could i be trapped and drown. I do know there is a way to roll you kayak incase you flip. I have access to Academy (in the south) Cabelas and bass pro shop. One last question i have had my eye on the pelican kayaks. Mainly because of there price and i know they make the coleman canoes. only list kayaks under 500 please.

Buy used off of Craigslist.
You can find a used Ocean Kayak Scrambler or Frenzy or similar SOT that would be light enough to carry and easy to fish from. They go for about $300 bucks used here.

Check out the forum at www.sit-on-topkayaking.com

Under $500 - new?
you can do better than the Pelicans.

Buying used will open up your options, but if you’re talking new:

Old Town Rush or possibly a Loon 100 comes to mind. Dagger, Perception and Wilderness Systems all make some very inexpensive entry level models, very stable for fishing, etc. (but personally, I like the Old Towns better for the money).

However, if I were you, for fishing, I’d go with a sit-on-top. Very stable, easy on/off.

Tarpon 100 or 120, various Ocean Kayak models.

Just some suggestions to get you started.

Cheap Kayak Choices
Click on Buyers’ Guide/Boats. Click on a brand, and then click for them to be listed by price, from least to most expensive. You will be amazed at your options.


cheap yak
pelicane is fine yak,had mine for 4 years and it take me any where and reasonable price for hauling around or day trip .good yak if taken care of

Look at a Dagger Zydeco 9.0 $350
For a really cheap price of $350 new look at a Dagger Zydeco 9.0


I was thinking of getting one of these for my daughter.

As far as getting stuck inside the RECREATIONAL kayaks, its pretty hard NOT to fall out if it inverts. Whitewater kayaks and touring yaks have thigh braces to help wedge you in so as not to fall out and be able to roll.

Buyers Guide Is Not Complete
Don’t use the buyers guide unless you are okay with a limited selection of boats and manufacturers. The buyers guide on this site only includes manufacturers who pay this site to show their information. There are lots of other manufacturers out there and you should use some other guide that is complete to get the best selection possible.


I have a dagger zydeco and used it all the time for fishing. Extremely stable and a nice wide open cockpit. Also tracks reasonably well for a short kayak. Great for sneaking up on bass in places other boats can’t get. I took it out on decent size lakes (Mendota in Madison). It struggled if there was a decent chop, as would be expected. I haven’t tried other kayaks, so I can’t compare. But, I am very happy with this boat, and it was easy on the wallet.

I picked up a Pelican tandem SOT for my son and I to use. I got a great deal on it from Sports Authority, and am happy with it so far. It is very stable which will be key for fishing. Even being a 13’ tandem, it isn’t that bad for me to load on the roof of my lifted Jeep by myself.

Academy sells Heritage Featherlite
9.5 kayaks for around $400 here in Texas, probably about the same where you are. The Featherlite in the 9.5 version is a great fishing kayak, better than just about any sit inside that size. Its fairly light and easy to carry and move around. Its longer brothers, the 12 and 14 footers are also great kayaks for fishing. Take a look at it, you’ll be pleased. The Pelicans are junk.

You will outgrow your first boat in
no time. Get something comfortable to sit in and trade up from there.

Dicks Sporting Goods
I don’t know if you have any of these your way, but this past weekend they had advertised a couple of rec kayaks between $269-299.

Lots of small boats
You dont need much boat for a 10 acre lake. Any of the 9’6" boats will work. Most will have large cockpits and will be under 40 lbs. My first kayak was a 9’6" Keowee that was purchased specifically for fishing. I could throw it in the back of my truck and be on the lake in 15 minutes. I had so much fun with it, I bought one for my wife. Warning; it is addictive and we have been through quite a few kayaks since then. Get the best paddle you can afford.