I need a dog friendly Kayak


I want to take my dog with me comfortably when I kayak. I have narrowed it down to a Perception cove 13.5, a Pamlico 135t, or a solo with a large cock pit like the Hurricane Santee 116. Any suggestions? My elkhound currently goes along on short trips but we need more room for longer trips. (She rides well) I have also looked at the Jackson Tripper. I always go with a group and I have a low trailer for loading. I enjoy rivers like the Pine and Big Manistee in Michigan along with Indiana Rivers. I need stability, affordability, decent tracking and more room than a standard solo. All suggestions welcome. Thank you

Solo Canoe
Plenty of Sit Low styles that paddle with a double blade.

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a pack canoe

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You are looking essentially at a minimal deck in a kayak.

Pack canoes are significantly lighter usually and are essentially deckless kayaks. They have been used in the Adirondacks for over a hundred years and until recently have been a regional boat. Now more are appearing in the Midwest.

You may someday want to paddle solo and the lighter the boat and the easier to carry the more use you will get out of it.

Take a look at the Hornbecks. You do have to order from the Hornbecks.. they don't have a dealer network I believe.



You can always wait for the Old Town Next.. also a pack canoe under a grand. It is supposed to be 55 lbs but may be more. The boats you are looking at are ungodly heavy for their length!

While you can lower the seat in any solo canoe to allow for double blading , pack canoe sides are lowered to make double blading especially easy.

Nowadays more and more people that may think they need a kayak really need a pack canoe.

Thank you for the suggestions
Thank you for the suggestion about pack canoes. I started with those but they are soooo expensive. The kayaks I have picked out are more affordable, I know they are heavy but that is a minor factor. I need room and affordability. I have also never paddled a canoe only kayaks.

a pack canoe
paddles just like you paddle a kayak. As far as expense, used boats are a fraction of the price of new. The trick is waiting for one to appear somewhat near your area.

Retailers of new boats depend on our wanting instant gratification to get top dollar.

a small canoe

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like the Old Town Discovery/Guide 119 can be paddled with double blade or canoe paddle, is not expensive, more roomy than a kayak and under 50 lbs:



I am very pleased with my Disco 119!

greetings from germany!

The Old Town Pack
is the lighter version.

You need a canoe and paddlers
If you are close to Lansing, Michigan, there is the Lansing Oar and Paddle Club. We do trips and paddling of all kinds, including the rivers you mention. It would not take you long to learn canoe paddling and there are lots of people to help. Go to meetup.com and look for LOAPC.