I need a new budget Android phone

Mine is 5yo and having some issues.
I am shocked at the prices.
Need is a relative term.

Consumer Cellular has great prices on phones and plans. Plus AARP discount

I’ve been using a Kyocera Dura Pro for about a year. It is nice to have a hardened smart phone, I can take it paddling and not worry.

It runs Android 6, so a few years before they do that planned obslosive crap. Something like $112 at Walmart or part of a plan with Verizon, no cash outlay.

See if you can find a refurbished Galaxy model that is “water resistant”. My $100 refurbished S7 sat in 2 1/2 feet of water for a couple of hours no problem and takes decent pictures.

I have MOTO G Power. Great battery life double a normal phone. Cameras good also.

string - Do you have a service provider now (Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.)? If not, are you looking for recommendations for phone plus provider/plan? I’m not a heavy phone user and am happy with my LG Rebel 4 on Tracfone. A refurb phone costs a whopping $9.99 on Tracfone’s website.

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Wolf, we have had Verizon for years but it’s looking like I may need to change.

I have a $50 LG At&t phone that I got at Walmart. Does everything I need it to do.

I have a Moto G power as well. Great phone and reasonably priced.

Someone mentioned Consumer cellular, we switched to them last year. When I went to do some work at nour Pocono house, had no service at all. Switched back to Verizon a week later. Great service everywhere!

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With Verizon too probably 20 years now. Usually works everywhere well. Two phones unlimited usage is 189 a month. They must be rich.

With Verizon for 25 years, with a 1 month breakup…

My Tracfone is also on Verizon. Tracfone contracts with Verizon, AT&T or T- Mobile. If you buy a phone from them, the carrier you get will be determined by the zip code you enter. An internet search will turn up the way to decode phone model numbers to determine which carrier is used. My home zip code would get an AT&T phone, but I used a zip code for Maine to get a Verizon phone. If you only use limited data and don’t spend all day talking and texting you can get coverage for $125/year, or less if you watch for deals. I’m paid up for the next three years at about $60/year. BUT…, Verizon is in the process of buying the Tracfone companies and if that gets regulatory approval it could change the whole value proposition.

Sorry if this is too much detail - just trying to give some insight into this low-cost option.

My cable co. payed 2/3 of my Samsung A50 and charge $12/month if you can use Wi-Fi for most of your data. I just happen to fall into that niche by not being on the road and send little data.

Humm if Verizon is buying virtual network Trac Phone like AT&T owns Cricket. they must want everyone on trac phone to be on Verizon network which in itself will cause problems for some like my mother. Verizon uses CDMA tech but they are switching to voice Over 4G in the coming years. BUT my mother and most people on Trac phone only care about voice.with her flip phone. Those $65 a year plans are voice/text and no data or very little. Those will be gone from Trac if they are bought by Verizon or at the very least you will need a cdma phone. Flip phones typically are either cdma or GSM but not both,. Most smart phones can do both. Once Verizon goes to Voice over 4G I think flip phones are done. AT&T is doing so too I got a text from them warning me about the coming change. At least I don’t think ANY flip phone can do voice over .

Oh the best plan if you want data that I found is from AT&T, they have a plan that is $300 upfront plus tax so about $340 you get 8 gig of data on 4G only no 5G which carries over to the next month if you don’t use the data PLUS it works IN Canada or Mexico of course you can also call Canada or Mexico too from USA. AT&T network is about the same as Verizon network in the N. East USA as I was on both. Not sure about other parts of USA. If you insist on Verizon network use Page Plus which is on Verizon’s Network only, Page Plus does not have hand holding service so if you need that stay with the over priced Verizon.

Moto G power is great phone for the money about 220 bucks . The newer android is better not worse plus if you have an old android the ap you may want to run might not run on older android version.

Hope Tracfone doesn’t go up. I’ve been getting 1 year cards since forever at like $125 a year. Even with my $100 Galaxy refurb I’ve somehow got 5 months, 2.7 GB, 1400 minutes, and 3300 texts remaining. But when I’m browsing its usually thru our home wifi.

I appreciate all the suggestions. I’m going to let this phone age a bit longer but I know better where to look when the time comes.

Verizon’s switch to VOLTE (voice over LTE) to replace CDMA is already well under way. Tracfone announced some time ago that they would discontinue CDMA service (over Verizon) and require phones with Verizon service to be VOLTE capable as of the end of last year. But that CDMA shutdown has apparently been extended a year.

Thanks for that heads-up about Verizon buying Tracfone. I use Tracfone on my iPhone but only with AT&T as Verizon’s coverage is non-existent in some of areas of Lake Michigan where I paddle. Definitely will follow that sale.

Ordered a Moto g7 at a very low price. My son in law uses one for work and recommended it.

Aliexpress and Banggood etc have a fairly/good range of IP68 rugged phones. Doogee, Ulefone and others. Realy robust and decent quality and good specs. And you get good ones for $300-350.