I need a perception--carolina 13.5 seat back band

Hi there,
I have a used Carolina 13.5 by Perception and need a new or used seat7back. Not the bottom seat, but the back “band” I would call it. Its’ about 11" x 7" and about 3" thick with a back plate for holding the strap and an area at the bottom for the bungee cord. I did ask TpKayaker and he only has a much longer/wider and thinner version. Thanks!.

I used to find some Back bands on eBay, you might be able to get something close to your dimensions

Thank you, I have used Ebay before and will look. I may end up reconditioning
the old seat which has the cover ripped at the top and bottom. Perhaps there
is a neoprene sleeve of some sort to do that with.

If you can find some old wetsuits at a dive shop you may be able to cut up a sleeve

Maybe an upholstery shop that does motorcycle and ATV seats may be able help you refinish the old seat back.

Thank you, great idea! I have seen used wetsuits at the thrift stores.

Great suggestion. I only thought of stretchy polyester.