I need advice for catching fish

I need some advice for how to catch northern and bass. The, what to use, how to use it, and the best technique for hooking them.

Well, there are lots of ways. However with the two fish you are seeking, it is relatively easy.

For northerns, i use spoons. Dare Devils are always a go too bait. Just keep casting over weeds. Bass are much the same. Bass are aggresive and usually can tell when something is next to them and they will strike out of anger. I use plastic worms for bass.

Either fish will go for live bait too. It kind of depends where you are fishing, water color, temp etc… just get out there and cast and it will come to you.

Go get
an “In Fisherman” magazine. Those guys will tell you more than you need to know about fishing :slight_smile:

If you are talking about fishing…
in B.W.C.A. or across the border in Canada, I almost always use nothing more than a weighted (1/8th oz.leadhead) jig (chartrouse) with a 2" twister tail, dark colors (brown or brown w/chartrouse tips) for murky H2o and brighter colors (white, orange or brown w/chartrouse tips) for bright days and clearer H2o. Mepps spinners (silver or bronze) size 0 to 3 w/a bucktail are also great for bass or pike, pike will chase bigger sizes > 3. Walleye will take the jigs bounced off the bottom or suspended/jigged in swifts or after rapids also.

Alot of times your best bet is to…
Check at your local bait and tackle shop. Its their business to know what, how, when and where.

For Northerns, spoons and some spinners in various colors will work. Of course there’e always the Red & White Dare devil spoon…always a safe bet.

For Bass, spinners and buzz bait lures work well along and as close as you can get to the lilly pads.

I have had good luck trolling behind my kayak. Just cast a line behind your kayak keep speed just fast enough to keep lure moving or you can vary speeds. Usually watch your rod tip to see the twitching motion which indicates your lure is working…

At any rate read, check online, watch cd’s or just talk to people in the know !!!

Good Luck