I need Delmarva

I spent about an hour and a half on the lake in the rain yesterday afternoon with the Strand boat. I was able to do all my onside rolls easily and my offside rolls pretty easily. (ok still having trouble with the offside reverse deck sweep) I had the Brooks Tuiliq this time and it was amazing how much easier it was than the Reed Tuiliq. I worked on the storm rolls and the reverse deck sweep and really tried to concentrate on the forward finishing aspect. since I have started the yoga, my flexibility is much better and I can wrap my hands around the deck and almost touch my fingers under the boat…and my chest is much closer to the deck…this is significantly better than before. So I tried rolling over in that position and spent some time underwater hugging the deck trying to figure out how in the world to move from this position to get up. I simply couldn’t figure it out. I tried rolling coming up to a forward finishing position but don’t know how to position my body to keep the roll going and ended up going to a layback roll. Anybody watching would have thought I was in trouble as my hands were on the outside of the hull in the water and I was trying to twist the boat back over, finally giving up and doing a standard hand roll to get up.

so I need Delmarva. I need to have some mentoring and to learn by doing with suggestions and instruction from as many people as possible. I may be doing more damage than good at this point so will concentrate as much as I can on the flexibility and building my strength, and try to continue to do the forward finishing rolls that I know with special emphasis on the chest scull.

Can’t wait. three weeks or so to go!



be sure to give us a full report…
I won’t be able to make it to Delmarva this year. I’m moving to Minneapolis in a week and will be starting a new job so traveling across the country to roll will have to wait until possibly next year. Have fun!

sorry and happy for you
Sorry you can’t make it. I was hoping to meet with you finally. Happy that you got a new and hopefully better job and that life gets better!


I live in the Maryland area. Is this something that would be useful and fun for sea kayaking beginners?

Depends on your interests
A symposium like Delmarva is geared towards paddlers who are aficionados of Greenland padling techniques and traditional learning methods. Most will have skin on frame or wooden boats, mostly homemade, and will use greenland padles which are traditionally made of wood. A lot of emphasis will be on rolling and rope gymnastics as well as slide shows and lectures about traditional kayak histories and expeditions.

having said that, I firmly believe that there is not one thing that is being taught/shown at Delmarva that couldn’t transfer to other kayaking venues. All training is good whatever form it takes.

If there is still room and you are interested I say go for it.


DelMarVa is real interesting
BigNate, I went one year and I enjoyed it, but my opinion is that DelMarVa is more of an event for those who have become enamored with and devoted to the culture of Greenland paddling. I found it very interesting. And not just the presentations and clinics, but also that there exists this genre of kayak culture. Like in life, divirsity is good and you can learn a lot from exposing yourself to new and different ideas. But for me, I’d rather take the three days and do a river trip or Assateague back country.

If you are just getting started, I recommend you join Chesapeake Paddlers and sign up for the clinics they run at Lake Anna in the spring. They are geared towards imparting basic skills. I think they call it SK101 or SK102, or maybe they offer both. That will benefit you more than DelMarVa. Also, CPA has plenty of members who are into the Greenland traditions and can expose you to it in a more balanced manner.

Just my two cents.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

it took about a year before I decided to go for the whole greenland traditional training route for a few days. I am really looking forward to it as an addendum to my kayaking repertoire. I may be expelled for saying this but it is not all encompasing as there are so many different avenues to explore.

As I said before, all training is good as long as you are receptive to it.


Come on!!
Gee whiz Paul - you didn’t even mention the fact that you already know more rolls than 75 percent of the folks going to Delmarva…but - on that note, try to get something going with one of the Pond Scum folks who will no doubt quickly smooth out any rough edges you THINK you have. (me - I am just happy to roll when I try to)

And,you didn’t mention that you are excited about Delmarva mostly regarding finding another boat, did you? Ha!

Me? I am bringing cash, checkbook, atm card, three VISA Platinums, etc etc…just looking for that perfect boat!

See you there - and by the way - I am relegated to a shared cabin this year as my tent seems to have been donated to a tag sale while I was on the road!


Look for the Hennessy!

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I am taking the opportunity to try out both the Hennessy Hammock and the Go-Lite Den2 tents with all my gear so I will have a packed campsite!

Probably not in the market for a boat. Vera will probably confiscate all the credit cards and debit card and checkbook prior to me going up as she knows me well..
but I do have a bonus coming this next week that she doesn't know about ..... :)

We will see.

And you know...about all these rolls...not that many and not sure any of them are technically good rolls anyway. I suspect I am going to be getting a severe reality check when I get there as I watch the real rollers. Oh well. It's good to be depressed every once in a while.


not depressed… inspired.
When I watch excellent rollers like Cheri, Dubside, Turner, and Dan demo rolls, it motivates me even harder to perfect my own technique so that I too can do those rolls as well. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and as each roll I learn is a personal conquest rather than a competition, I don’t mind that there are always people out there better than me… for now. :slight_smile:

keep reminding myself
I am just over a year old with all this. It will be inspiring to finally meet and watch the great rollers. sorry you won’t be there.


registration info in mail
woohoo! Confirmation of registration just arrived.

One of the requirements is that you have floatbags fore and aft (or bulkheads) in your sea kayaks. hmmm. I wonder how many of the SOF’s will actually have this.

Also says you have to have a drysuit or wetsuit. How cold does it get there in October? Can’t be that bad.


Water is not bad
A lot depends where you are coming from and how cold you get. If you are from Nova Scotia, you don’t need anything. If you are from the south, you might get cold.

The water is not bad for a few rolls, but if you are doing clinics where you are wet all the time, you might get chilled.

I was told a dry top was all you need. I just had a paddling jacket over poly, and it seemed fine to me.


checking the average weather and temperatures is what caused my surprise for the wetsuit and drysuit requirement. seems like hydroskins and fleece and the tuilik should be fine though. I can always change into dry stuff in between sessions and warm up. If not I do have the drysuit if necessary.

I am much more worried about my back holding up and the flexibility throughout the stay. gonna go stock up on bengay or aspercreme or something.


Be Prepared
I’ve been at Delmarva on several occasions when a cold front stormed in and I was very happy to have a drysuit. This may also be true if you are working on new rolls and technique, trying different kayaks, standing in the water to help mentor others, etc. Everyone is encouraged to share what they know, so it’s not only the instructors standing in the water and helping at times.

On the other hand, Its been warm enough at some retreats to simply wear shorts and a microfiber tee-shirt under a tuilik or paddling jacket.

Greg Stamer

I will be prepared with dry suit

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along with the hydroskins etc. Really looking forward to this Greg. Be good to put faces with names and to learn as much as possible.
Hope there will be lots of new friendships made.

since I can't get into my sof with shoes I will have to wear neoprene socks over the booties of the drysuit as i don't want to damage the material. the fabric seems pretty strong but I don't want to take the chance.