I need higher seats for my new hip and wife's damaged leg

We have 15’ and 17’ Old Town ABS canoes. Making my first run since a April 1 hip replacement, I find it would ba all so better if I could sit up higher when I get off my knees. I’m running class I and II water, so the low center of gravity is not so much of an issue. Do any of you have any insights or plans to mount the seats on, rather than below, the thwarts?

Depending on what OT models you it could be simple to raise the seat. If they are the molded seats the drop is built into the seat. I personally think depending on your weight moving your CG up that high might give you some stability issues, but on the other hand I see people standing in them and poling.

I think I would start with making some foam riser blocks for your seat and just sit on them before you rip into the boat.

Another idea is I bought a walmart stadium sit back seat and attached it to my canoe bench seat. It will give you around 3” of height. In my case I lowered the seat platform DIY and then attached the seat back you will get the idea as I will post a photo. :canoe:

Getting an extra 3" seat height sounds great. I’d be a bit cautious about the seat back, as small streams tend to require ducking under overhanging tree branches to follow the current that keeps one from running aground. I would not want to find my boat snared by a branch and have to devise a new stroke or two to counter the unexpected interference. Nor would I want to try to step out of the canoe in the deeper water of a stream. I’ll see bout getting some pads and test how they feel. I guess closed foam woulds be the best for this.

Thanks for the advice and I’m aware of the seat back being a potential problem. I’m going on 66 myself and knees are not what they once were and I have found the seat back a blessing for my lower back. We use our boats on inland lakes and some mild river floats on our nearby river. For sure there are potential snags from limbs here and there but almost all of them are easily avoidable, so I’m not super worried about it and the back support is well worth it in my case. In fact my canoe stared its life as a OT Guide 147 and it came with molded seats with seatbacks that locked in.

Yes I think a double piece of 2” closed cell foam would be good to start with. If 4” seemed too thick you could switch to 2”. A flat snap strap or two should keep them in place. You may just find with rehab you will need less lift as time goes on. :canoe: