I need Paddling Socks. Help!

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Any advice, oh faithful Pnetters, for polypro or other material socks that you prefer for paddling. I have two pairs of neo boots for colder temps, but I really would like to have a thinner sock that I could wear under the neo boots, or in warmer (but not hot) weather, under my sandals.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

PS I would only wear---unlike this dude--the socks for paddling.

Seal Skinz

I read good and bad things about it.

you haven’t found them on ebay. Got three pairs from England cheap…no name on them but they are waterproof and comfortable. I also have a pair of sealskins which have a lining which in my pinion do two things badly. 1 the lining is not thick enough to keep your feet really warm and 2 they take forever to dry out. rgular waterproof socks without such a thick lining are more versatile as you can put fleece socks under them or in my case, fleece socks first, dry suit next, waterproof socks to protect the booties in the drysuit, and then chotas. perfect!

Or in the SOF, hydroskins and fleece socks with waterproof socks over them. no fit issues anymore while staying warm.


I Like Wool

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SmartWool is one brand. There's another brand that's good but I'm old and can't remember shtuff. You're not talking waterproof, are you? For waterproof I wear my Chota Lites with Smartwool socks. Very comfortable. I'm headed out in about an hour with that combination.

OK... the other brand that I like is Wigwam. No, I didn't remember the name. I had to do a search.

Also Dahlgren

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Alpaca wool socks, a huge variety of thicknesses. Not cheap but great socks that'll go paddling as well as skiing and walking around on bare wood floors on a cold winter's night. And Thorgen makes some absolutely basic wool socks with loft inside that, over polypro, can come out fairly wet from a small seam leak and I never even noticed it.

SealSkinz makes a "water-blocker" sock that will keep out water with a tight top, and they work great for about a summer. For really cold weather though thy might be worth the investment. I do find that I have to wear shoes that are at least a half size up to handle winter layers though (or the booties on the drysuit since I have small feet).

has a thinner pair of waterproof socks and both Nashbar and Performance Bike offer a waterproof sock for cycling (which should be thin enough)

Fox River liner socks
I usually wear hiking liner socks under neo boots, paddling shoes, or sandles. Don’t remember what they’re made - I think it was some sort of polyester rather than polypro. They don’t wrinkle up as much as some other lightweight socks.

Thin paddling Socks
You could consider Aquatherm paddling socks. The material is I mm thick, super stretchy and equal to 2 mm neoprene. For a list of dealers go to www.reednorthamerica.com


ditto Seal Skinz
I love my Seal Skinz, especially the knee-high ones. I wear a thin liner sock underneath, sandals over. Surprisingly warm.

– Mark

Thank you, fellow paddlers.
I will review the choices you;ve provided, esp the websites and links. Very helpful.

I need new socks badly.