Fellow paddlers, I am doing a book called “Kids Gone Paddling”. It’s target is 8-10 yr. olds… I am seeking high res photos(300 dpi) at least 5x7 finished size (8x10 preferred).

I am looking for kids actively involved in canoeing or kayaking…learning to paddle, trying on PFDs, tripping with parents,other kids…any water shots MUST show them wearing PFD or pix won’t be used. I can pay for those used in the book. Need by mid.Sept. For more info, contact me at: wavetamer@hotmail.com.Thank you. Tom Watson

No offense meant to you man.
'Sounds like a nice book. But do you really expect that in this day and age parents are going to e-mail a complete stranger pix of their kids?

As a parent, I certainly would not. Good luck, though . . . .

Tom is Legit
Sure, maybe the subject of his post could have been different, or not in all CAPS, but let’s not throw him under the bus. The way people responded I thought he asked for naked pictures… he didn’t, just pictures.

Tom writes for Paddling.net and has previously published a book. See his articles and book here on Paddling.net at:





Pretty sad state of affairs
when someone wants to publish a book of kids doing something healthy and fun and everyone gets freaked out. I guess the kids are better off sitting in front of the tv with Doritos than being out paddling or biking.

age of kids?
Do the pix need to be of 8-10 year olds?

about time there is a kids book.
Come on you paranoid people. Quit living in fear! No wonder people are flying airplanes into our buildings.

Anyone can get “childrens” photos off the darn internet and copy and paste. What do you think hes doing trying to track your kid down.

God i feel sick.

Going paddling

Well, with you’re endorsement, Brent
I’ve got a few to contribute, and when I get home to my iMac, I’ll get into iPhoto and sort some out.

But, NOT knowing the guy first, and not having your endorsement on the OP, I don’t regret my first assumption. I’m glad he’s legit and I’ll be glad to help out. But you just can’t be too careful these days, and a few months ago there was a similar request (I don’t think it was Tom, but may be wrong) and it disappeared very quickly. I also don’t remember seeing you vouch for that post either. . . .

I have some
but not sure the quality will be sufficient, as I don’t take my good camera when we go kayaking, I use an older one.

Or a good Illustrator…
… that could create exactly the right scenes…

Old Cameras?
You mean like the old cameras that people like Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke White, Alfred Stieglitz, and Dorthea Lange used to use. There are so many stories of them sitting at bars grousing about how their low tech cameras were limiting their potential of taking really good snapshots.

Search for and buy photos…you can also post a comment on the photos asking the owner to contact you…might be worth a try…

you got Fuzzy math
Internet guy asking for photos of children + cautious concerned people = terrorists flying planes into skyscrapers and killing thousands of innocent people.

Too funny . . . .
Or is it “fuzzy”. . . .

I will share a few here

http://foldingkayaks.org/gallery/tsunami/Thai1?full=1 http://foldingkayaks.org/gallery/tsunami/thai3?full=1 http://foldingkayaks.org/gallery/tsunami/jenny4_006?full=1

I might have a couple for you.
They’re of my nephews. I’ll have to ask the parents first.

Just sent 4 to ya Tom
The settings on our email server changed recently after an upgrade so sometimes 4 attachments can quickly become one for no discernable reason. Let me know if you didn’t get 4.


Cool Ranch. With a Coke Zero chaser.


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I can't resist sharing these.

I stressed over spending the money on a Sprite paddle because my son's interest was waning. I am so glad I did it, as it really made all the difference. He is trucking all over the lake with me. And, feels so good about himself.

Last night, he almost hit my boat a couple of times and managed to miss me by doing different strokes. I was actually shocked at what he already knew, I guess from watching from the canoe. We paddled until dusk and were able to paddle under the almost full moon for awhile. He wanted to do everything himself with his boat and helped me tie them down. Last night was one of the best nights of my life, it was just pure magic.

These are from the day before, first time out with the new paddle.

slight thread drift
I am curious about the paddle? I am in the market for a childs paddle for my 7 year old, do you really like this one? I saw Bending Branches offers a one piece, have you seen this one?



I have a few I can send you.
They’re not paddling solo, however. Does that matter?