I need to stop watching...

Videos like these. They’re making me want to do things that I don’t have the skills or experience to do. But I guess this guy really didn’t either. I SOOOOOOO want to do something like this!


I pass.

I too
have wanted to do some longer travels, but I was amazed at how many days of nice conditions were depicted here. I’d never expect to be that lucky. I did a few century or more rides by bicycle and I never had the weather be that cooperative.


Well, maybe not a 1200+ mile expedition
But at least getting out to see beautiful, natural scenery like this: http://youtu.be/bJ6nwwGcRhk

I just want to go do something in a kayak in the wild…

Advice: Pnet Discussion Forum


Read the forum guidelines.
And ignore them.

I apologize
If I did something wrong. I’m looking for the forum guidelines but can’t find them. On most other forums they’re pinned as the first thread. Where do I find them?

There are none
Except for this brief reference found via Google:

Paddling.net Discussion Forum


No real guidelines, just be civil.”

I believe ezwater gave the advice that your thread should have been placed in the Paddler’s Place Discussion Forum, rather than in the Advice, Suggestions, and General Help section.

No harm done. Hope you got out on the water this weekend.

Between the arm paddling and the jaw flapping, I’m all tired out.

Got it!
Sorry, I spend so much time perusing this section of the forums I almost completely forgot there were other sections where this post may have been more appropriate. If there was a way for me to move it I would.