I paddled it and lived

And it didn’t seem all that dangerous…

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I hope it was named after a flock of crows.



If I had a dime for everytime I paddled up that creek I could retire early.

SODA’S? :thinking:

(software won’t even let me post it as a one word response!)

Hey, they sell paddles…Apostrophes cost extra.


It must be the name of the little bar/cafe in the back run by Mr. and Mrs. Soda - a very friendly Japanese couple.

(Disclaimer: No offense, racism, genderism, or anything else I can’t even fathom right now was intended to any person, place, thing, or “other”).

(Disclaimer the second: I couldn’t be bothered finding an “e” with an accent-egu, not could I be bothered to look up the correct spelling for what it’s called)

(Disclaimer the third: Yes, I’m a little bored at the moment.)


So long as it’s deep enough you don’t bottom out on the bodies, it’s all good. Most of the murderers are courteous enough to puncture and weigh down their victims.

Try to avoid a swim.

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No-oh, but:

Ice cold soda’s beer!
It’s what happens I fear,
when a possessive apostrophe,
contracts m’ess from what I be,

or perhaps a doctor’s pepper,
s’knees in bilge of an ole Klepper,
s’oda s I had in fold,
and hops into malty cold


Any place that sells paddles and beer is OK by me

The question is who would you have to kill to get to go paddle?

Disclaimers for political correctness ensure one does not end up a victim of the “Meat too” movement;-

The Murderers Creek above is a tributary of the Hudson River, near Athens, NY(Trivia: The awful remake of “War of the Worlds” starring Tom Cruise was also filmed here). As local legend would have it (I asked a few natives–an Internet research may vary) the creek was once used by pirates between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars to hijack/harass/gob-knows-what boats ferrying trade up and down the Hudson between Albany and New York City–A veritable riverside badlands. Other than that, it proved a rather unremarkable water course, neither particularly scenic nor challenging. Still, I was hoping a waterlogged corpse might bob to the surface–Guess I’ll keep looking during paddles further south on the big river.