I Paddled Up The Colorado For This

The current is a bit swift. I had to stay close to shore. Sometimes I had to get out and walk pulling my kayak behind me, because of sandbars.


Sure looks quiet out there. Was this a day paddle or an extended trip? See any critters?

what kayak ?

when you post the expedition ( in Picasa ) giving photo coordinates, launch area, total mileage, upstream point, weather…

weather on ground and for the day is helpful for planning a recourse.

That’s what you’re doing. Follow thru for us. We have no idea where you are.

Done it many times.
On the Colorado, the only way to paddle is upstream unless you are being picked up down river. I learned to always paddle up on the deep side (if there is one) and take advantage of the eddy-line. This pertains to the stretch below Davis Dam.

how fast
is the current when you paddled many times ?

boy are you needy.

Steve and Verlen did too.
Steve Landick and Verlen Kruger paddled UP the entire Colorado River from Yuma Arizona to South Pass, Wyoming in 99-days back in 1983. They covered 1600 miles upstream including thru the Grand Canyon, Cataract Canyon, Stillwater and Desolation canyons! Never been done before and will most likely never be done again!

is almost ready for prime time

I’ll be there soon 5 weeks and counting

I launched Out Of South Cove
I return there rather we’larly. It changes daily.

Temperature got to around 100°. That changes with the breeze.

I started up the AZ side where the current is the weakest. I made it about a mile up river to where I wanted to power over to the other side. My goal was to find a few nice photos and see how the area changed. A few years ago I camped in that area. I hiked around those mountains. They are rugged. Met a Great Basin rattlesnake. It was extremely timid.

That area is where I find the greatest variety of birds. Saw some Terns and Avocets. As well as herons, cormorants and Grebes.

Not the Colorado
at South Pass, Wyo. If they would have paddled to the headwaters of the Colorado River (called the Grand in olden times) they would have ran aground near Winter Park, Colorado on the other side of Grand Lake. The Green River comes close to South Pass. There is an interesting place, called Two Ocean Pass, not far from South Pass, where the Atlantic and Pacific rivers flow from the same source. There, a trout can swim across the continental divide. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parting_of_the_Waters

the snake
is suffering from malnutrition.

Then Feed The Snake