I Quit Paddling For Good

Now I “paddle-sail” for bad…

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Turned to a life of piracy, did yah now! Sailing is an honorable profession!

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With my canoes as well! Paddling’s too much work sometimes!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Paddling keeps us young!!! Next thing you’ll tell us is you’ve developed a taste for rum.

Well, actually…


You done did it . . .

Now that you are a pirate, I have a question for you. What is a Pirates favorite letter??

Aaarrr…Let’s sea (“C”) me, Bucko…
(I know, I know–Using Google to solve riddles be cheatin’. But I’m a privateer, so whatcha expect? At least I’m no landlubber like this here swabee, broadcasting from his closet…

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Yes it be the Sea “C”.
A true Pirate indeed would cheat, I would expect no less you scallywag!


I’m curious to see the sailing rig on your SUP

That’s next. (But admittedly, it might be easier to just pick up a used windsurfer.)

–I only just put in a seat for those lazier times when my now senior citizen arse needs a break …

Looks like a nice ride

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