I R J-Lo sprayskirt

Does anyone have any experience using this skirt?

I need to purchase a skirt for my daughter’s Fun 1.5. Looking for a quality skirt that would be easy to put on and release from the boat.


I haven’t used it personally
but it is a good skirt for people with a larger hip to waist ratio. A friend of mine squeezes a medium tunnel skirt over her hips only to have flop around her waist. Enter the J-Lo - problem solved.

If your daughter is young and not ‘hippy’ then it won’t be as effective.

I also have a Fun 1.5. I use a Snapdragon sprayskirt with a small deck. It is very easy to put on and take off but stays on the rim really securely. It does take a bit of pulling to get it over my hips. I prefer the standard sprayskirts to the women’s because the tunnel is higher.I like to do a lot of rolling that requires stretching around different ways and the taller tunnel stays in place better. I’m 5ft but if I was shorter I would probably have gotten the womens. For a women’s version, Snapdragon also has the women’s Flirt.

This in the one I have. The knee strap is great is you can’t reach the grab loop or get lazy.


the skirt was designed for women
since their torsos are usually short than mens…

that way they will not have to roll down the top of the tunnel since it is too tall…

IR makes great skirts…

go for it…