I really goofed!

My Old Town Loon which I bought used several years ago and dearly loved was stolen about a year ago. I did a search on the internet for new models of the Loon, but found none. The closest match that I came up with, I thought, was the Old Town Vapor 12XT so I ordered it from a local kayak shop. Argh! When I went to pick it up, it looked HUGE and very bulky, totally unlike the sleek Loon. Shortly thereafter, I happened upon the Loon 120 online. Oy! The Vapor has never been in the water and is located on my living room floor. I would like to SELL the VAPOR 12XT so that I can afford to buy the Loon. Please MAKE ME AN OFFER.

There is a classified ads section here on paddling.com. But probably not the best option.

Have you approached the shop where you bought it (apparently they are a Loon dealer) to see if they would take it back on trade and order you the boat you want? Even if they deduct some of the refund, it would still probably gain you more value towards the Loon 120 to do that than any price you would get selling the Vapor on the secondhand market. I have worked for several outfitters and they are usually somewhat flexible with this kind of thing.

If they won’t make you a deal, your best bet (recommended as someone who has bought and sold dozens of boats over the past 25 years) is to list it on your local Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Selling boats to people living out of state is difficult since few are willing to drive hundreds or thousands of miles for a used boat unless it is something rare and exotic. In my experience, Facebook Marketplace is the quickest place to list and then sell kayaks and canoes. Also easy to scan the listings in your area to see what pricing is. Spring is a good time to sell used boats. Being as yours is nearly new and a rather popular starter kayak, you should be able to unload it if you set a reasonable price.


Valuable suggestions! Thank you.

Few people will take you seriously if you don’t post your location? No one will offer until they can know the real cost which will always include transportation.